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I am welcoming 2021 with open arms. I love the new year and although that means resolutions to most, a new year means continued health for me.  I really took a look at my health in 2020 and although I was healthy, I am not sure I was the best me. I started with some research and found some supplements that would help me.  That's when I found NeoCell®, Rainbow Light®, Natural Vitality®, and Renew Life®. Each of these have specific benefits that help support my body. I can't wait to tell you a little about them.

Katie has gotten me (Kendra here) on these supplements and I'm excited to give them a try.  I keep saying each new year is mine but I really mean it for 2021. I have a 5 year old girl in Kindergarten and I feel she's my best stress reliever, but work really can be stressful as well as everyday life. I never knew how much I had to get done in one day. It's hard to keep up with home and work life, but by adding Natural Vitality Calm Gummies to my afternoon routine, I can unwind and relax.* Not only this supplement, but in combination with the others as well, I have trust that 2021 will be a great year.  I know I am always promising myself that I will exercise more, but I really plan on doing this (trying my hardest here).

Do you have a support system?  This is going to be one of the biggest things I foster for the new year. I know I can't do this alone (trust me, I've tried!) and I need to have a group or at least one person on my side to talk to and help me along my journey. Wellness should be easy, it is easy and takes effort but can be done. I believe this wholeheartedly.

I am not new to collagen. I have researched the benefits for a few years but I have recently found NeoCell Super Collagen Powder and it's joining my daily rotation. It's no secret that I'm in my 40's now and I need to ensure my skin is always at its best.  NeoCell Super Collagen Powder has some amazing benefits such as healthy skin, hair, nails and joint support.  NeoCell Super Collagen supplements are formulated to support skin health, and your radiant beauty inside and out. The hydrolyzed collagen can give your body the building blocks it needs to make collagen or other proteins so you can show the world your most beautiful you.  How do I use this?  It's simple, I add one scoop to my morning coffee. It's flavorless so I enjoy my coffee with all the added benefits.*

I know that 2020 was stressful but I also know that I am hopeful for 2021. I know that we all deal with some sort of stress but if I can help control my stress, I am going to work for it. Natural Vitality Calm Raspberry Lemon Gummies are delicious, fruit-flavored gummies that promote healthy magnesium levels so you and your family can feel relaxed and calm. Nearly 2/3 (66%) of Americans are Magnesium deficient. That's where Natural Vitality's Calm Gummies come in.*

Rainbow Light Women's One Multivitamin provides comprehensive nutritional support to promote women's health. This multivitamin is designed to nourish, energize, and support the woman's body with scientifically studied ingredients and a unique blend to fuel female vitality. Each tablet contains key ingredients including potent B-vitamins, choline, antioxidant vitamin C and E, plus vitamin D that promote natural energy production and supports bone and immune health.* I like to take my multivitamins in the morning to start my day on the right track!

Are you looking for a probiotic that's designed to answer your specific needs as a female? If so, then look no further, because Renew Life Women's Care Ultimate Flora 25 billion  is what you're looking for. Women's Care Ultimate Flora 25 billion is a potent once-daily probiotic blend that features 25 billion live cultures and over 10 specially selected probiotic strains packed into delayed-release capsules for targeted delivery. This formula nourishes the digestive tract health, and supports vaginal microflora as well as the immune system.* I take this probiotic every morning to help support my gut health. 

You can find many of these products in store but you can also order online using Kroger Ship.  You'll get FREE Shipping with any $35.00 order and this way you can have your items delivered straight to your door.  If this is your first time using Kroger Ship, use the code SHIP15 to save 15% off your order. If you'd like to buy in store, I have some BIG FAT $4.00 coupons that you'll want to get your hands on.  With these coupons you'll join me in 2021 to work on my health and that's the most important aspect to me.

If you're ready to join me with these supplements I have some deal scenarios for you below. I have been taking these for a few weeks and I'm feeling good and I hope you will as well. Here's to 2021!

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