We woke up to some new Jif coupons and that's crazy, awesome because we hardly ever see these.  Download your $0.75 Kroger Digital Coupon and print your $0.50 coupon and you'll pay as low as $0.74 for a jar.

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January 9, 202107:13 am

Just a heads up that the Jif coupon on coupons(dot)com is back/available again for me. Hopefully it is appearing for others.


January 1, 202105:21 pm

cOUPONS.COM LIMITED ME TO 1 PRINT. This has been happening to me a LOT lately with products. Anyone else get limited to 1

Daniel Scott

January 1, 202108:53 am

Been trying to get this coupon through coupons.com and then through your link,but refuses to let me print.Coupons.com just comes up a blank page and the link just says "sorry something went wrong" Only coupon this is happening with so hopefully gets corrected soon before they're all sold out(if not already)