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January 5, 202109:56 pm

I just had my 1st bad couponing experience. I have a question. Isn't it buy 5 or more and save more apply to like 7-8-9 items. Not just quantities of 5 anymore. Even the manager said I was wrong. I was like I follow the kroger krazy lady. She said I was incorrect and have to buy in 5's. I ended up having to get a refund, but even then I still don't feel like I got back the correct amount. I had to call a different store and they told me to bring the receipt to them, but I feel like it was way too much to drive to another store.

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

January 6, 202109:00 am

Do you shop at Kroger or an affiliate? If you let me know I can look into this for you but ALL Kroger stores you have to buy at least 5 but as soon as you buy 5 you'll get $1 off each additional item.