We have another AWESOME sale on Kroger brand block and shredded cheeses! We will pay just $1.50 each for these when we purchase in multiples of 4!! If you don't grab that 4th cheese item, you'll pay the $2.29 price! Remember!

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January 21, 202109:09 pm

Appreciate all your hard work! Even if it is fun, it's gotta be something tough to go over everything so meticulously! Thank you!

Marilyn Rose

January 20, 202109:46 pm

I don't understand how to clip the digital coupons. Sometimes I can find them by accident but most times I waste alot of time trying in vain to find them. Very frustrating! Website is too hard to use


January 25, 202104:13 pm

I find the digital coupons very hard to navigate also. To many to go thru so few that I clip before deleting.