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Here is a Kroger Baby Aisle Deal Scenario with Pampers & Luvs!

The Pampers Catalina/Baby Aisle double dip is teaming up to bring YOU big savings and it's GOOD!!  We have a new Pampers & Luvs Catalina generating for a two weeks that will score $5.00 On Your Next Order when you purchase a total of $30 worth (before coupons*).  BUT the even better part is the BABY AISLE Instant Savings joined in to help us stock up. The Baby Aisle Event this time around will give you $10.00 off instantly when you purchase up to $40.00 of tagged items.  This really does include almost all of the Pampers and Luvs BOXED items from diapers, wipes, pants and MORE!

I know many of you prefer Pampers and Luvs so with our  insert coupons from our 12/27 P&G we are going to save BIG.  Be sure to clip your coupons and head to Kroger to pay as low as $14.49 per box of diapers. I have a few deal scenarios for you below but be sure to follow the limit of 2 coupons per transaction per day. We got this, Pampers fans!

But wait!  I have more good news for YOU!!  I hope you're part of the Pampers Club but if you're not, you should join because there are so many great benefits including coupons and extra savings.  Start by linking your Pampers Club to your Kroger Card because when you do for the first time you'll also get $5.00 cash back on your next diaper purchase (like right now). Once you do this important step, your rewards from purchasing pampers will be automatically loaded onto their Pampers Club app upon purchase vs. manually typing in the codes from the packages. How awesome is this?  Pampers and Kroger took a step away from you and you're still reaping the benefits.

Click HERE to view pictures of all items included in Baby Aisle Instant Savings.

12/30 – 1/12 | Kroger Baby Aisle participating items
Buy $40 worth in a single transaction = $10.00 Instant Savings

12/30 – 1/12 | Pampers and Luvs Participating Products
Buy $30 worth in a single transaction = $5.00 OYNO

Search for more coupons in my coupon database

*Remember, the $40 “total purchase” is your PRE-coupon total, meaning the coupons you use will NOT change the fact that you just spent 40 bucks. The only caveat to this rule is Kroger DIGITAL coupons. These WILL reduce your “total spent”, so make sure you don't have any of those loaded that will make your total dip below $40.

If you want to do these deals more than once, be sure to separate your transactions to ensure your Catalinas print. And remember, Kroger Catalinas ALWAYS roll!! Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work, including what to do if you don't receive yours? Read THIS POST.

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caylee jones

January 6, 202102:34 pm

hi, i did the deal and my catalina didnt print out, no biggie it happens. but when i filled out the form they want to know the exact deal. do you have a picture of the catalina offer by chance? i cant find it anywhere.

Rhoda Stroud

January 6, 202101:02 pm

When I signed up for the Pampers rewards, the $5 offer is there but says you have to buy/enter 3 items. Your deal only shows 2. Am I missing something?

Rhoda Stroud

January 6, 202101:04 pm

Nevermind, I did miss (or not separate the two) the information. It is for connecting the account. (Eye roll - sorry).


January 2, 202111:30 pm

While this post may be sponsored by P&G, there is also an awesome deal if you Ibotta and KCB for Comfort diapers. If you have them, load them. $4.00 off super value boxes in both Ibotta and KCB - up to 5 per purchase. So you buy (2) super value boxes at $19.99 each and one $1 baby food pouch = $40.99 - $10 off $40 = 30.99 + tax. Get $8 KCB and $8 Ibotta back + $14.99 + tax for TWO super value boxes and one baby food pouch. So $7.50 for a super value box of comfort diapers. NOT sponsored by P&G. This is why I have lost faith in krogerkrazy. I understand you have to cover overhead and make $, but post all the deals....


January 2, 202101:24 pm

How do we link pampers club to kroger card?