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I told you about these Pringles Mega Stack coupons the other day and I'm happy to report that they are still available! We have a  Kroger Digital Coupon and a couple printable coupons that will each score you $1.00 off 4 cans. These are priced at just $0.99 when you purchase 5 or more participating mega event items, so ONLY $0.74 each after any of these coupons!!


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January 27, 202108:59 pm

I am always amazed when this specific promotion comes around. However, if I try to include the Mega Stacks in a clicklist order they are shown as only being available via shipping...NOT in store or for pick up. I know they are physically in the store. Do you know how to get them accepted for a clicklist order? I called our local store today and was on hold with customer service as they said they would check on it for over 10 minutes...and then the call was cut off. We could go into the store and physically buy them, but I'd like to confirm they are in stock and know where the display is located. This inability to get via clicklist seems to happen each time the promotion runs.....

Cindy Holcomb

January 27, 202101:25 pm

Thank you for all the wonderful deals you share with everyone. It’s very appreciated.


January 27, 202103:58 pm

You're so welcome Cindy!! Thank you for taking the time to say that!! :)