We have three Pure Protein coupons in our 1/3 RMN that you'll want to be sure and clip.  These high value coupons are going to get us some GREAT deals including the 4 ct shakes for ONLY $2.99!!

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January 19, 202102:30 pm

I'm looking in my Retail Me Not app, & I can't find these coveted coupons for the Pure Protein products. Can anyone help me?


January 19, 202104:40 pm

These refer to the RMN booklets found in the Sunday coupons; the date preceding (in this case 1/3) is the date thy were included.


January 19, 202107:23 pm

Sorry I was not clear. I mean the coupons included in the Sunday paper. I buy a few of the Sunday papers in Indianapolis each week because Dollar Tree sells them for $1 each. YMMV There are websites you can visit that will tell you each week what coupons are included each week, but at times some coupons are regional. On rare occasion there are no coupons.