We have an awesome price on Chicken of the Sea Tuna and Sardines until 2/23.  Right now they are on sale for $0.99 each BUT when you use a limit 5 per transaction Kroger Digital Coupon you'll pay just $0.49 each.

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Janell Hess

February 12, 202110:26 pm

I clipped this coupon and it disappeared. I have looked all thru my coupons, all coupons and have even tried a search, anybody else got this problem? I was hoping to buy sardines, great protein/calcium food. (Chicken of the sea sardines & tuna fish.)


February 13, 202101:28 pm

Janell, does the direct link in this post work for you?


February 11, 202107:20 am

Anyone else can’t find this coupon? It disappeared after I clipped it!


February 12, 202108:02 am

Julie, still there for me. Did you try the direct link in this post?


February 18, 202107:11 am

I did! If I click the direct link it just goes to the coupon Bing page. I tried to clip of this week as well, but it’s not there for me. I’ve searched tuna, chicken, sardines!


February 11, 202103:40 am

This is a great sale! I've bought 30 cans in groups of 5 per transaction. The coupon is unlimited until expiration if you buy 5 at a time.


February 13, 202101:28 pm

Jeremy, woohoo!! :)