I got these bags of Hormel Pepperoni Cup N' Crisp last time we had the rebate stack.  I have been using these when making my homemade pizzas and I love how they curl up in the oven. I feel like I'm eating from a pizza restaurant.  PLUS they taste really good right from the bag so it's a win.

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Marsha Pierce

February 16, 202107:59 am

I used the cash back a couple of weeks ago. I can’t find it again. Does it disappear from cash back once I use it?


February 17, 202105:04 am

KCB does not reset like ibotta. You can only use it in one transaction prior to the expiration date. Many, but not all, then are reissued by Kroger upon the expiration date.


February 15, 202110:16 am

They are on sale for 3.99 minus 50 cent coupon, leaves them $2.49 minus $1.50 ibotta rebate leaves final cost $1.99 not 99 cents


February 15, 202110:26 am

Must be a regional Kroger rebate. I don’t have it.


February 15, 202112:49 pm

I think it's one of those "if you loaded already" ones. Mine is sill in my account, but it says 2 days left, so I bet it's not available unless you already loaded.


February 18, 202109:36 pm

It’s back in Kroger cash back. So excited I can get them for this price.