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February 5, 202107:07 pm

When you use the Ibotta app, do you have to scan the receipt and the product bar code? I tried to link the Ibotta app to my Kroger rewards card and I did not find Kroger as a option. Am I missing something?


February 7, 202109:08 am

Kroger link on the Ibotta app never worked when the link was there, always gave an error message, this was 2-3 years ago. You have to scan receipts & barcodes. I got over $200 in rebates from Ibotta last year, so it does work, just wished the link worked like at Meijer. The disadvantage I noticed is that sometimes the Meijer app won't double dip the mperks and ibotta at the same time.


February 7, 202112:24 am

I have never gotten it to work when I link my card. I choose to scan my receipts. Ed you need to scan the barcode on the products if it doesn’t pick it up on the receipt. I have to do about 3 products out of my 5 today.


February 6, 202107:26 pm

Yes I am having same problem