We have a limit 5 rebate stack for these Kellogg's Froot Loops Cereal Bars so when you earn Kroger Cash Back Rebate and submit for your Ibotta Rebate, you can get FIVE boxes for FREE!!

We also have a Ibotta Rebate for Kellogg's Frosted Flakes Cereal Bars.  Use that and get five boxes for $0.74 each!!

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Penny Cothran

February 26, 202108:31 pm

I think the Kroger Cash Back offer for this is over...and also the Harvest Snaps :(. I loaded both of those onto my cards last night and purchased the items today, but the offers are not there anymore :(. I don't remember seeing that they expired last night. Does anyone ever respond here?


February 27, 202112:18 am

Penny, KCB is the most poorly designed computer system I have ever seen. Tracking things are nearly impossible, not only for customers but even for employees. I keep a detailed spreadsheet and I take screenshots of the offers before I go shopping. Once you complete a purchase, their system looks for any items purchased that may have KCB. Any qualifying items are then removed immediately from your LOADED DEALS section of your KCB dashboard. {They're not able to be seen anywhere until the pulled offers are processed, typically the following evening or the 2nd following morning. (i.e. If you buy on Monday, they usually are processed sometime between 11 PM Tuesday evening and 3 AM Wednesday morning Eastern Time. Sometimes it is a bit later. ] Anyway, once they are processed, the KCB rebate amounts will then be added to your KCB balance. At that time, they also get reinserted to the REDEEMED DEALS area on your KCB dashboard. The count (# of offers redeemed) are actually included in the LOADED DEALS count. They can only be selected by using the filter. REDEEMED DEALS ARE ONLY VISIBLE VIA KROGER.COM IN BROWSER. You do not have the option to see this info in the app. ALSO: If you buy the day before or day of expiration of the KCB offer, you really will have no way to track it because once a KCB offer expires, it is removed from both LOADED and REDEEMED DEALS. I have never had luck when CSR opens a ticket with their 'research team'. The only way I have really had much luck with disputes is by talking to a SUPERVISOR. They tend to know more about KCB and how to look at them in your account. FYI, Kroger CSRs see your coupons and KCB offers in one combined place, unlike customers who have them in distinct places.


February 28, 202103:33 pm

Exactly. Now I redeem offers at least 3 days before they expire to avoid any trouble talking to CS.


February 26, 202107:24 pm

Quick! Someone please come here and hide 4 of the Froot Loops boxes. I bought them last night and they are so yum. I'm not really even a huge FL cereal fan, but these are amazing. Glad I gout 5.