Here is your Kroger Mobile Mystery Offer!!

Looks like we got a SURPRISE Mobile Mystery Offer today and I'm not disappointed at all.  This coupon is for Save 40% on Klondike Cones (30 oz) or Klondike Milkshakes (28 oz)! I am not sure if you'll need to download today or it disappears (things change) but to be on the safe side, DOWNLOAD NOW!! The coupon expires on March 7th so we have time for a sale if you want to download and just let it sit in your account. If you wanna go buy now, I gotchu! Please note: You'll need to download this coupon from your mobile app.  You can find easily be searching Mobile Mystery or Klondike.

You can also scan your receipt to Fetch Rewards and get 1.750 points!

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February 26, 202101:25 am

YMMV, but the cones deal has gotten better for me . I got the cones for 74 cents yesterday. (1) They are on sale this week for $5.99. (2) They are part of B5S5. (3) The 40% comes off before B5S5 (4) I have $1.75 off FETCH. So: $5.99 less 40% = $3.59 less $1 B5S5 = $2.59 less $1.75 FETCH = 74 cents.


February 22, 202109:40 pm

I can't figure out how the 40% off ice cream works. Used links to Kroger app, but nothing about the promotion. Is this regional? Thank you.


February 23, 202104:40 pm

Shaunn, this offer was a mobile mystery offer. Those are typically one day offerings, so it likely could only be found on Feb 20.

Michelle Grandowicz

February 21, 202106:50 am

I love saving money!


February 21, 202102:01 am

Searched on Klondike under coupons and found it. Thanks!


February 20, 202111:21 pm

I can’t find it at all!!!! I’ve tried everything, typed in Klondike, 40%, Mobile Mystery Deal, I can’t find a coupon anywhere!


February 20, 202110:12 pm

I found it by looking in the app under "Savings>Browse>New coupons" It was first on the list. Another way to find elusive coupons is to use the barcode scanner at the top of the app in the Search field. When you scan a product's barcode it'll show you the product price and if there are any coupons associated with it.

Rena Ball

February 20, 202109:31 pm

I don't have it. Maybe it's gone? I searched Mobile Mystery Offers with the filters, but there wasn't one. I also searched Klondike, but there weren't any. Oh well.

Melanie A. Clay

February 21, 202101:42 am

Thank you! It was right where you said it would be!


February 20, 202109:36 pm

Update: I only found it searching for "40".


February 20, 202103:13 pm

Check your FETCH offerings if you use that app. I have $1,75 (1750 points) off on the cones, making them $2.44


February 20, 202103:06 pm

Thanks for posting this. I only found this by searching KLONDIKE. I could not locate it via filters or by searching for MOBILE MYSTERY DEALS. The last MMD I found using filters was in August. Not sure why so buddy for me. Regardless, thanks for sharing.