UPDATE: This coupon has reached its overall coupon limit and is no longer available to load. 

Grab these packages of Oberto Beef Jerky for JUST $2.40 each at Kroger! We have a great sale price AND we have a Kroger Digital Coupon to check out below!

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February 17, 202111:48 pm

Is this coupon site legit? How come some of the coupons they post don’t exist? Like this one for oberto jerky


February 18, 202108:19 am

Hi Jan, we posted this at 12:15 PM and it looks like you were reading almost 12 hours later. Unfortunately, these amazing coupons many times have a small overall load limit so if you don't get to it quickly, the limit get reached. You may want to sign up for text alerts, instead of waiting. Here: https://www.krogerkrazy.com/get-text-alerts-from-krogerkrazy-com/ Hope that is helpful!

Nadeen M Scarff

February 17, 202109:25 pm

OK---frankly I hate this new "Krazy" coupon thing. Its extremely confusing and very hard to navigate. MUCH preferred clicking on digital coupons and then looking at what was available for that coupon and then just adding to my cart. I shop almost exclusively at my neighborhood Kroger store. But now feel like I am really left out of some very good sales because the procedure is too confusing to use. More often than not either the coupon is no longer available or there is no clear way to add coupon and product to my cart. And REALLY dont understand this new rebate option??????


February 18, 202108:21 am

Nadeen, this is a simple Kroger Digital Coupon that you load to your card, no rebates involved in this scenario. What happened in this case is this is a very HOT coupon that reached its overall load limit quickly, which is why we posted it at noon yesterday. Feel free to just go to Kroger.com or your Kroger app and do your own matchups. We're just trying to help.

Jacklyn M

February 17, 202112:24 pm

Odd... I dont see this coupon at all.


February 18, 202108:22 am

Hi Jacklyn, looks like this coupon reached its overall load limit very quickly. :(