Klondike Cones Kroger Krazy

Soooo many things going on with Klondike Cones right now!

But spoiler alert…you're going to score these for as low as FIVE FOR FREE, plus put a little money in your pocket. First of all these are priced between $4.99-$5.49 (regional difference) with our Buy 5 or more, Save $1 each Kroger Mega Event. IF you still have your 40%/1 Kroger Mobile Mystery Digital Coupon you'll save another 2 bucks. THEN (and this is my favorite part)…we're going to earn 4,750 Fetch Rewards Points for every box we buy, up to FIVE! That's equivalent to $4.75 off PER BOX!! That's 5 boxes for FREE + $0.80 Money Maker!!!! Additionally, you may receive a Catalina coupon valid for $2/2 Klondike Cones that you can use on your next transaction (not part of our scenario, but good to know). I have your step by step deal scenario below, but remember you don't have to load any Fetch offers, just scan your receipt when you get home and you'll earn your points! Even if you don't have the 40% Mobile Mystery, you're still getting 5 boxes for a total of $1.20 which is still all kinds of awesome!

Klondike Catalina Coupon

klondike cones

(thanks NerdyBird!)

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March 4, 202112:57 pm

I don't have that Fetch offer at all. I'm in Colorado, so I don't know if it's regional, but people should verify what's on their app before they buy these items.

Lori Szeman

March 4, 202111:50 am

i dont normally comment but my grandkids didnt not like the unicorn ones


March 4, 202106:32 am

Love you deals but the ads on your site are just so overwhelming, I know this is how you make money but they literally cover the screen to the point I can’t read your deals. ‍♀️


March 4, 202108:35 am

Kristine, are you viewing from a computer or mobile device? I'll have my ads manager look into this.


March 4, 202112:56 pm

I know I cannot look at deals from your website from a mobile device because the videos/ads coverup the actual words.

Penny Cothran

March 3, 202108:46 pm

Your post says the Fetch offer expired on 3/1. Maybe they extended it because my Fetch shows it's valid 3/2 thru 3/16


March 4, 202108:36 am

Thanks Penny, that's been updated to 3/16. I had just copied over from the last post we did on this and forgot to update the expiration date. :)

Frances Tuvket

March 3, 202103:21 pm

Do you need coupons for the mega event? How do you get the special prices any what are the effective dates.

Racheal Durham

March 3, 202103:13 pm

I bought 5 and submitted my receipt to fetch it only gave me 49 points towards each one. I didn’t get points that was shown. I contacted them to see if there was an error or something else


March 3, 202105:32 pm

Racheal, this is a simple fix. Go into your activity and select the receipt in question. Scroll down to select CORRECT RECEIPT. Choose the Klondike item on your summary. Then SCAN BARCODE. Then repeat for the second one. Select UPDATE DETAILS n the bottom of screen. Once you submit for review, it will identify the correct product.


March 4, 202112:39 am

Thank you, this worked and the points have been added. Glad I read the comments.

Annemarie S

March 3, 202102:57 pm

Where does one find this mystery coupon, it not under savings section with other coupons, there was just a fuel points one? Thanks !


March 3, 202105:37 pm

Annemarie, you can't get it now. Mobile mystery coupons are only visible on the app, and they traditionally have been on Monday. I believe this one was on a different day, a week or so ago They don't always have one. It is only available to clip that one day it shows up. Often times, some have trouble finding it via filters, and instead have to search for it.

Cassie Sanderson

March 3, 202101:04 pm

Hi! can you clarify if the mobile mystery offer is a texting thing? I thought I signed up, my area is a Smith's Food and Drug and I can't find information on it. I realize that I missed this offer, but would like to get them for future moblie mystery offers, PS I have the Smith's app on my mobile phone as well... Thanks.

Ava Griffin

March 3, 202111:44 am

What is fetch rewards and how does that work? Please and thank you.


March 4, 202112:42 am

Fetch is a rewards app. You submit your receipts and they give you points for each receipt. There are bonus offers for certain brands. Otherwise 25pts per receipt submitted. You can redeem the points as they add up for e-gift cards.


March 3, 202111:34 am

only 1750 points for each Klongdike cones