Today is the LAST DAY for this Cerealbration Instant Win Game where you can win some money loaded to your Kroger Card or Kellogg’s Cereals. Let us know what you win in the comments!!  Make sure you get your play on.

    • GO Here and choose your store or sign into your Kroger account
    • Scroll down and Spin the Wheel
    • See if you are an instant winner. You can play 1 time per day.

I wasn’t a winner today but I’ll cross my fingers that you are!!

The available prize and Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of each are as follows:

  • FREE Kellogg’s Cereal (31500)
  • $25 Kroger Gif Card load to Shopper’s Card (252)
  • $15 Kroger Gif Card load to Shopper’s Card (280)
  • $10 Kroger Gif Card load to Shopper’s Card (350)
  • $5 Kroger Gif Card load to Shopper’s Card (4202)

Total ARV of all Instant Win Prizes: $25,085

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. INTERNET ACCESS, A VALID SHOPPER’S CARD DIGITAL ACCOUNT & EMAIL ACCOUNT NECESSARY TO PARTICIPATE. Open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and District of Columbia (except Florida, New York and Rhode Island) who are eighteen (18) years of age or older at the time of entry. Subject to Official Rules, click here.

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Francis Cherwin

March 17, 202104:06 pm

I love the different Kelloggs ceareals.


March 17, 202112:29 pm

Glad it going was worth you spinning same people win over and over crap site too

Kookoo Kaiser

March 19, 202109:20 pm



March 18, 202110:00 am

This game was working from the beginning and then around the 12th I believe it wasn't on it was a blank screen and when I complained about it and they brought it back the game still wasn't working even though it's spinning it's not working right you can play your card over and over and over and over and you know you're not allowed to do that, but you will never win anything either I've also complained about that and you could still play your card over and over even though the game supposed to end on the 17th, Kroger should extend this game and fix the problem, now I did win cereal and five dollars when it first began, and I'm even having a problem with the cereal they won't let me have it even though it's supposed to be free

Pat Goff

March 17, 202111:14 am

I haven't won anything in years. Doubt anybody does.


April 3, 202107:43 am

Won 25.00 Thanks


March 15, 202107:00 am

It is nice to know some people win something. But it is more of a waste of time for me! Never win anything! Come on!


March 16, 202104:41 pm

The game is not working I complain to Kroger's about it too, do you know you can play your card over and over and over and over but you will never win, I've told them there's a problem with the game every since the game went down a few days ago and it came back up it's still not working right


March 15, 202106:20 pm

Same here:( I never win anything


March 12, 202102:44 pm

The Instant Win Game website is working again, everyone.

Rachel Bales

March 12, 202111:21 am

Not working for me either the last few days

Bob Goble

March 12, 202110:53 am

still not working----2 days in a row

Yvonne M

March 12, 202110:20 am

Not working. Tried for 2 days.

Tamara S Maki

March 12, 202106:01 am

Site still not working

Barbara Ann Clark

March 11, 202109:20 pm

The link didn't work today. no spin game. I thought it was thru the 17th. I did win a box of cereal on the 1st day.


March 11, 202105:46 pm

i never could find the game and the one I click on this page don't work has not for days


March 11, 202104:27 pm

Kroger, don't promote something you aren't doing!!!! No Game Available!!!


March 11, 202103:48 pm

The game is no longer working.


March 11, 202102:38 pm

Where is the game??? It is no longer working and is not on their website either.

patricia Hatfield

March 11, 202110:50 am

Tried for 2 days. no longer working


March 11, 202110:14 am

Did the game end early? Today is 3/11 and it is no longer available. It was suppose to last until the 17th.


March 11, 202108:31 am

This is a crap site cant find the game again you click on it and it sAYS COUPONS AND A BLANK PAGE


March 11, 202108:17 am

Now cant find the spin gam what happened?

connie gentili

March 10, 202107:32 pm

i won 15.00 in the game but where is it? I have a Ralphs card but I don;t see that it is loaded to my card - 4 78460 94382 1 Connie Gentili

Gerri Guxik

March 10, 202104:39 pm

5$ Kellogg’s gift. How do you see these on your Kroger account to redeem


March 11, 202105:28 pm

from the drop down window under 'account', click on coupons.


March 10, 202104:08 pm

I can’t find the game on my account


March 10, 202107:58 am

won nothing


March 9, 202110:41 pm

After winning how do I claim my prize? I thought it would automatically list to my digital coupons. There was no digital coupon for a free box of Kellogg’s cereal. No buggy, just wondering what I did wrong. Pam ❤️Kroger


March 9, 202109:17 am

Yay to all the winners!!


March 9, 202105:11 am

I won a $25 gift card!

Bob Goble

March 8, 202101:45 pm

Wow 2 days in a row winner 1st box of cereal and today a $5. Gift card----Thank you Kroger and Kelloggs

Joyce C. Gould

March 7, 202103:26 pm

I won $10.00 on the first day, then nothing since. First time I have ever won in Kroger games.

Bob Goble

March 7, 202105:02 am

Woo-Hoo i finally won a free box of cereal, thank-you Kroger and Kelloggs

Marsha Watkins

March 6, 202111:13 am

Hi! Ty for posting this. I was a winner of one of the $25 gift cards. I clicked the “Load To Card” icon, but have no idea where to look for it on my Kroger app to ensure that it loaded properly. Any pointers? Ty!!


March 8, 202111:35 am

I won a $10 gift card. It was listed under Kelloggs in my coupons.


March 7, 202102:02 am

Marsha, I already answered this below.

Rosie Brandon

March 5, 202102:56 pm

I love Kroger

Patricia Zellers

March 5, 202112:34 pm



March 5, 202106:17 am

Will try again


March 4, 202105:41 am

Didn’t win anything today but will try again tomorrow

Dolly Brooks

March 3, 202105:48 pm


K Crew

March 3, 202104:00 pm

I didn't win anything yesterday, but today I got $1/1 Kellogg's Cereal loaded to my card. :)

Sandy Meyer

March 3, 202101:10 pm

I got a $1 coupon. Thanks for letting me know about it!

Susan Tedeschi

March 3, 202108:50 am

Won $25!!!

Jo Ann Cano

March 3, 202105:37 am

I won $ can I tell if it's on my card?

Joyce C. Gould

March 7, 202103:29 pm

I won $10.00 and It came off my groceries when I went shopping. Showed on my receipt.

Susan Tedeschi

March 3, 202108:51 am

It shows up as a coupon.


March 3, 202107:03 am

There is no way to check the balance on a shopper's card. If they load it there, a few things I suggest. (1) If you go thru self-checkout, the money will likely come off automatically when you check out once you hit the PAY NOW button. It is fine if you only use part of the $5; the remaining balance will still be there. The problem is if you have MQs to use and use an amount under $5. Once you hit PAY NOW, it will immediately pay with your balance. It will not give you an opportunity to apply coupons as it typically would. (2) Never complete a purchase that is entirely paid with a shopper's card balance that you may have to return. The way it shows on the receipt is not ideal, and they will likely not give you a refund because it was not paid with cash or a CC. I went through this and had to call CSR 800 # to get money back.


March 3, 202101:20 pm

You do have to use the whole amount in 1 transaction. I won $25. my total was $13 something. I had to pay the whole amount. Not complaining just a heads up :)


March 11, 202105:32 pm

Read the fine print when you win, also states on the coupon, "All must be used on one transaction. Go back and grab some more groceries. Duh!


March 7, 202102:05 am

Jobean, if they added the $25 to your shopper's card, and you spent $13, you should still have $12 on there for next time. Are you saying you had to pay the $13 with cash or CC instead of it using the shopper's card?


March 11, 202111:36 am

That is correct. I had to pay $13 that day. I went over the weekend and purchase much more and the $25 was taken off of that total :)


March 3, 202104:44 am

I won a box!