We have a FANTASTIC deal on Philadelphia Cream Cheese items at Kroger! We have not only a great Kroger Digital Coupon (that is a limit 5) for these, we also have TWO ibotta Rebates (which we tested) that we can stack on the blocks! Those will cost us ONLY $0.49 each!!!!

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March 17, 202107:58 pm

No, that is totally wrong. You can only claim 1 branded (i.e. not any "any item") rebate per product purchased. This is a good way to get your account frozen or deactivated. And yes, this is in the iBotta TOS.


March 19, 202108:30 am

Hi Kat, We ALWAYS endeavor to stay in line with written policy. Before posting we scoured through the ibotta TOS and saw nothing to reflect that it is against their terms, but please send me that language if you are seeing something we are not and we will update accordingly. Thank you!

Monica Destifanny

March 17, 202112:47 am

Hi.. i really interested to do this deal but i don’t understand how u can submit 2 times ibotta rebate , when u said second 5 for another $.50 rebate each. Please info . Thank you


March 17, 202108:27 am

Monica, load both rebates, buy 5 and choose BOTH rebates after you scan your receipt. You'll need to then scan barcodes (for both). You will receive credit for both, up to 5x.


March 17, 202108:48 am

Is it against Ibotta's policy to "stack" these?


March 17, 202110:12 am

Angie, there is no written policy regarding stacking that I can find on ibotta.