We no longer have the Ibotta to match with this but we do have a printable coupon.  Match that coupon with our $1.67 sale and we'll pay $0.67 for this huge bottle!! Details are all below!

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April 29, 202110:51 am

I tried to use this when there was an Ibotta, but my Kroger said they no longer accept internet printed coupons Is this a management decision and I should try a different Kroger?


April 29, 202110:09 am

I just wanted to let you know I've been following you for 10 yrs--even thru many changes on here i really disliked. As far as what is available online you are closest to my area and frankly up until my last trip usually dependable. I mean that there may be price variation occasionally and rarely items not on sale or available at all. i shop bi-weekly. My last trip was the worse. If it had not been for the cascade and all I would not have thought they were having the same sale you had discussed. 90% of the "LIST" of Krog Mega Sale were not even marked as on sale in my store. Or they had a 'sale' not the buy 5 save price--diff color signs. Also alot of the product like the Poland Spring--just not there. I guarantee when i go this time it will be there but conveniently no on sale. They do that all the time. I spend hours preparing my list and lining up my Ibotta and coupons etc and I shop and find none of the items or find them not on sale and in some cases MORE than DOUBLE the price they are supposed to be. One thing was supposed to be 3 was 12 something. I know you have no control over that..but I shop in Ashland, Ky and frankly it is a very depressed socio economic area and not very far at all from Cinci...which is NOT socio economically depressed and i do not understand why they would do that. This last trip I was 3/4 thru the store before i found a proper sale item and my list and budget shot. In fact the only part of the store left was frozen food, deli, dairy and even in the frozen they didnt have ANY of the advertised InnoVasion entrees supp to be on sale--not even a spot for them. I still do the 5 groupings in a Mega 5 and planned on 25 sale items. I got 5. To say im depressed is an understatement. After this many years of doing all this preplanning and I also shop different stores to get the best prices..Kroger Stores really are not the what i grew up with.