Update:  We are looking at SIX FREE CANS of Blue Diamond Almonds!!! (keep scrolling)

Blue Diamond Almond cans are part of our Kroger Meta Event for $1.99 and that's amazing.  We have a rebate that you can use to submit for to get an amazing deal.  I have lots of details below and where to submit for your rebate but you will NOT want to miss out on this. The rebate expires on 5/31 so get there SOON!!

You can also buy 6 cans and pay $0.16 each which seems good to me.

Thanks, Raquel!

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Karen Harkey

June 1, 202102:23 pm

Website u linked does not have almonds as an option for 5$ rebate


May 26, 202101:10 pm

How do the almond breeze rebates work? Can you cash out to PayPal after getting this 1 $10 rebate? Thanks!!


May 28, 202106:08 pm

Not sure what you mean by cash out. It is my understanding they deposit to either your paypal or venmo within 48 hours. It is not clear to me because one place says 6 to 8 weeks. Maybe the 48 hours is for text submission. Read everything clearly yourself and see how it reads to you.