I love sharing butter deals so this one had to be shared too.  Challenge Butter is B1G1 free this week at Kroger so you'll be paying $2.00 for the spreadable butter and $2.30 for the butter sticks.  Looks like there is a coupon in the sticks so buy some at Kroger, head home, get that coupon and go in and pay less the second round.  Get there by May 25th for this deal!

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May 23, 202107:42 pm

My store's stick butter is a higher price. I'm wondering if I bought two tub butters and two stick butters in the same transaction, would I get one of each for free or just the two cheaper tub butters for free?


May 24, 202112:42 pm

They will rob you. Go thru self checkout. Scan your rewards info. Scan both of the higher priced items. Hit PAY NOW. It will zero one out. Click GO BACK. Then repeat for the other pair just to make double sure both pairs have one free. Go Back and continue all your shopping. (If your store does BOGOs by charging just 50% for everything, it doesnt matter what order you scan thing s)