I am talking FREE Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs at Kroger!!!

Green Garden Freeze Dried Herbs are not on sale at Kroger BUT we have a  LIMIT 5 Ibotta Rebate that stacks with a LIMIT 5 Kroger Cash Back Rebate.  Each of these rebates are for $3.00 so you can get these herbs for as low as FREE.  FIVE bottles of herbs for FREE.  NOW excuse me while I head to Kroger ASAP.

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May 22, 202111:08 am

The spices are no longer on my Ibotta

Scott Riegel

May 22, 202108:31 am

Same issue I loaded it yesterday morning and went shopping in the after noon and went to claim it and the offer was gone? Same with the $.75 Kellogg's cereal bars offer, it disappeared the same way. 5@ $3.00 and 5@.75 was a loss of $18.75.

Cristy Spence

May 20, 202108:03 pm

Went to get mine today and the Ibotta is gone. :(


May 20, 202104:34 pm

added to my ibotta yesterday . it has disappeared from my account tho it was not set to expire.

Janice Lamle-Bailey

May 20, 202112:34 am

This is not showing at my local Kroger. Is Green Garden carried by ALL Krogers?


May 19, 202110:16 pm

Hi, What is the significance, in Kroger Cash Back, when you select the deal and click on "shop all items" and the result is "There are currently no items associated with this deal." Does that mean that the offer is null and void?


May 21, 202109:51 am

Ed, some people suggest you should never use a KCB when this happens because it has not populated yet and you will not get credit. It generally means that your story does not carry the item in question


May 19, 202106:55 pm

I did all the cash back freebies today, and unfortunately this one didn’t appear to apply to my purchase. I’ll have to fix it in a week. Great find though!


May 19, 202104:53 pm

I bought these around noon today and the cash back offer is still showing under my loaded deals in the app (usually offers disappear a short time after purchase). My cash back offer says 'There are no applicable items for this deal' so I have a bad feeling I'm going to have to open yet another ticket to get my cash back. :(


May 21, 202109:54 am

Kylie, how do you go about tickets? Every time I call CS and they open a ticket, I never get a response or adjustment. I am o for 18. The only way I get money is to talk to a CSR or perhaps their SPV and after they verify in my account and purchases (if not expired), and then they credit to my shopper's card. Just wondering what is your secret and do they contact you, or do you just magically have money on your shopper's card? I'm assuming they don't add to your KCB balance if awarded via ticket, right?