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I'm sure these new 9 Elements laundry items caught your eye on the shelves at Kroger. They caught mine, but I have been waiting for a deal! I (Kendra here) am not brand loyal to any detergents YET but I will admit that what this product stands for has my attention.  I have lived my whole life with atopic dermatitis and have to be careful with what detergents I use to avoid my skin breaking out. I couldn't be more happy about this new 9 Elements detergent to try out.

Did you know 85% of homes in the U.S. have hard water? You may not realize it, but every time you wash your clothes, your water is working against you. The dissolved minerals and heavy metals in hard water are invisible at first, but they build up over time causing: dingy whites, faded colors, stiff fabrics and lingering odors. Try 9 Elements Laundry Products to restore your sheets, towels, and clothes or your money back!

Try 9 Elements Vinegar Powered Laundry Products on your clothes, sheets and towels to:

  • Dissolve minerals and heavy metals caused by hard water that are invisible at first, but build up over time
  • Restore dingy whites, faded colors and stiff fabrics
  • Release lingering odors

VINEGAR-POWERED: Strips away trapped residues and odors with the purifying power of vinegar with no vinegar odor left behind.
NEVER MORE THAN 9 INGREDIENTS: Only the necessary ingredients are used. Their formula has no artificial preservatives, dyes, thickeners, or brighteners and is gentle on sensitive skin.
THE EPA SAFER CHOICE LABEL: helps you select products to protect your family and the environment.
LIGHT & REFRESHING LEMON SCENT: Made with 100% Lemon Essential Oil for a refreshing citrus scent.

Great NEWS!!  Both of these 9 Element Laundry Items are part of our Kroger Mega Event until June 1st! We have two new Kroger Digital Coupons that you can download to maximize your savings. I have both $3.00 coupons direct linked so you can download before heading into the store. I can't wait to hear how much you love these new 9 Elements products at Kroger!!

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May 19, 202112:12 pm

I have a $3 off of one bathroom cleaner paper coupon I thought would work with mega event spray making it .99 cents. No?