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I think I just met my favorite dessert of ALL time; from Pots & Co.  I'm new to these desserts and maybe you are too but after you have one bite,  you'll want to make sure these are in your freezer and refrigerator at all times.  I love desserts as I know many of us do, but I love GOOD chocolate so much more. This is what Pots & Co offers us…delicious, decadent chocolate.

Pots & Co believe that we deserve good desserts that are are made with better quality and better ingredients.  Pots & Co. use single-origin, Fino De Aroma chocolate that is sourced from Colombia.  To impress you even more, the chocolate they use is ranked top 8% in the world.

I have some good and bad news for you now.  Not all Kroger stores carry the Pots & Co brand but I definitely hope in the near future we will all see these in our stores.  If you live in the western United States, you're in luck. If you shop the Kroger affiliates; namely City Market, King Soopers, Ralphs and Smith's…make sure to head in for this amazing deal.  I then want you to come back and thank me because you'll LOVE these desserts.  These items are all on sale until May 25thd so you'll have plenty of time to purchase, go home and eat…head back into store and purchase more.

Find out if your store carries these amazing products by putting in your zip code HERE!!

You'll find three different refrigerated desserts in your King Soopers, Ralphs and Smith's stores including:

  • Salted Caramel & Chocolate Pot de Crème: Handmade with a hint of sea salt, luxurious Pot de Crème features the finest cocoa grown on their single origin farm in Colombia.
  • Chocolate Fudge Lava Cake: Heaven in the form of cake. A decadent chocolate treat with a molten fudge center, handmade with single origin Colombian chocolate.
  • upside-down Lemon Cheesecake: Turn your world upside down and enjoy a lemony explosion with this zesty lemon curd topped with a handmade crunchy cookie crumble.

And one frozen dessert including:

  • Little Frozen Chocolate Crème: Not quite ice cream and not quite cake, Frozen Crème Pots are the perfect treat. One bite and you will never want to try another frozen dessert.

Do you know what I love?  Crafting and repurposing items that I purchased and Pots & Co makes this perfectly easy. All of their desserts come in colorful, ceramic pots because colors are FUN, right?  Also, ceramic helps improve the quality and flavor of their desserts. It's what gives their desserts their signature depth and intense creaminess. Ceramic pots are also sustainable, so you can use them around the house or reuse them for a variety of hobbies.

You can also recycle these pots and drop off at ceramic recycling centers.  The pots, once crushed, will be turned into raw materials for roads, tennis courts and buildings. If you do throw them in the trash can, you can easily crush them first and all materials will return to the earth.  Does this get any better?

(Kendra here) My six year old daughter loves tea parties and usually when she has a tea party she wants fancy. I can't deny her this but Pots & Co ‘Little Frozen Crème Pots' made this experience even better and way yummier.  These tiny desserts hold an amazingly delicious punch that went well with our tea.  The box comes with 6 cups so we have more to continue with our tea parties.  I hope you do this with your little one as well.

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