We have an AWESOME deal on S'more's fixins'! We are going to get a GREAT bundle price on these! Our total for our S'more items (includes Honey Maid Graham Crackers, Hershey's Chocolate Bars AND Marshmallows) for only $7.00 TOTAL!!! Now, if you happen to find yourself a $1.00 coupon hanging around the area, grab that up and get everything for just $6.00 total!!! How awesome is this???

*Offer valid for this bundle 5/19-6/1
When you buy 1 of each. Items must be purchased in one transaction for bundle pricing to apply.

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May 21, 202106:59 pm

There is a bonus bundle for these items on shopkick as well.


May 21, 202107:02 pm

Sorry. I posted in the wrong thread.

Patricia Goff

May 21, 202112:21 pm

It is amazing but I have never had smores. Living overseas we never had it growing up. My kids never had it either cause I cooked the same food I grew up with.


May 21, 202111:44 am

If you have FETCH, see if you have 1500 points ($1.50) off of the Hershey's 6-pack...limit 1 on the FETCH offer


May 22, 202110:10 am

Rick, thanks! It's so weird, this is the 2nd Fetch you've told us about that none of my team has (this and Barilla). :/


May 23, 202102:58 pm

I'm glad I didn't post the deal on the Remix Snacking mix mm then, lol. You probably didn't have those 3 stackable FETCHes either. It's funny, a lot of times people are posting deals that I don't have so I am not used to be on this side of things. I don't believe FECTH is regional, but as you probably assume, I am from Indianapolis.