Now that you got your all Laundry Products, Snuggle is next!! I love laundry deals and this one is making me happy as well.  Snuggle Fabric Conditioning items including liquid, scent boosters and dryer sheets are all priced at $1.99 with our Kroger Mega Event.  We have a $1.00 coupon that that we can use. $1.99 is an amazing deal if you have no coupons.  Your laundry is calling!!

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May 21, 202107:30 pm

Thank you awesome deal!!!


May 22, 202110:04 am

You're welcome Lynette! :)


May 21, 202112:00 pm

Can you use 5 of these coupons on the five products at check out?


May 22, 202110:05 am

Shay, these coupons print with a "limit 1 identical coupon per shopping trip", so if you are able to print multiples you'll have to use them at different times.