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I hope you've picked up your 9 Elements Laundry Detergent and Purifying Fabric Softener with the last Kroger Mega Event because now I have another amazing deal coming your way.  This one excites me just as much and I'm talking 9 Elements Vinegar Powered Multi-Purpose and Bathroom Cleaner.  These items are not on sale right now but that's ok because you're going to LOVE this product and the ingredients they use. I have been using the lemon scent bathroom cleaner for a few days and I love it.

Did you know 85% of U.S. Households have hard water? You may not realize it, but every time you clean, your water is working against you. The dissolved minerals and heavy metals in hard water are invisible at first, but as they build up over time, they start causing problems on the surfaces in your home like soap scum, greasy residues, and build-up on faucets and shower heads. 9 Elements Multi-Surface Cleaner and Bathroom Cleaner are Vinegar Powered to dissolve hard water residues & grime.

9 Elements Vinegar Powered Multi-Purpose and Bathroom Cleaner:

  • SAFE ON MULTIPLE SURFACES: Fast-acting formula removes hard water residues on surfaces like Hardwood, Stainless Steel, Granite, Glass, Tile, Porcelain, Ceramic and more
  • NEVER MORE THAN 9 INGREDIENTS: and free of artificial preservatives, dyes, thickeners, and synthetic fragrances
  • VINEGAR POWERED: Strip away dirt, grease, and grime with the purifying power of vinegar
  • 9 ELEMENTS IS EPA SAFER CHOICE CERTIFIED: to help you select products to protect your family and the Environment

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June 2, 202105:30 pm

Can i use a paper coupon and a Kroger digital on one item? (At Kroger)

Kendra Team Kroger Krazy

June 11, 202106:50 am

Hi Melanie. I apologize for the delay. You cannot use a paper coupon along with a digital at Kroger. Hope this helps.