Colgate Catalina Kroger Krazy

Update:  The Catalina has reached its overall limit unless you received the advertisement.

You might want to just stop what you're doing right now and RUN to Kroger for this SMOKING HOT money maker on Colgate! These toothpastes and mouthwashes are all part of the new Buy 5 or more, Save $1 each Kroger Mega Event for the next two weeks. We also have some super high value Colgate coupons for these items. But starting today, we get to throw this awesome new Colgate Catalina into the mix that is going to allow you to score 5 toothpastes and 1 mouthwash for completely FREE, PLUS put over $7 in your pocket!! This is INSANITY!!

Colgate Catalina

6/23 – 7/20 | Colgate Gum Renewal, Optic White, Total, or Max Fresh Toothpastes (3 oz+); or Colgate Mouthwashes (400mL+); or 360 Toothbrushes
Buy any 3 = $5.00 OYNO

NEW Scenario without Catalina:

No longer valid:

Buy (2) Colgate Total Toothpaste (3.3 oz) – $1.99 each (wyb 5 or more participating mega items thru 7/6)
Buy (2) Colgate Optic White Toothpaste* (4.2 oz) – $1.99 each (wyb 5 or more participating mega items thru 7/6)
Buy (1) Max Fresh Toothpaste (3.3 oz) – $1.99 (wyb 5 or more participating mega items thru 7/6)
Buy (1) Colgate Total Mouthwash (33.8 oz) – $3.99 (wyb 5 or more participating mega items thru 7/6)

Use $9.00/5 Colgate Oral Care Items (select) Kroger Digital Coupon – Limit 1 (exp 07/10/2021)
Or $0.75/1 Colgate Renewal, Optic White, Total or Max Fresh Toothpaste (3 oz+) printable
AND Use (1) $2.00/1 Colgate Mouthwash or Mouth Rinse (400 mL+) Kroger Digital Coupon – Limit 1 (exp 06/30/2021)
Or $0.75/1 Colgate Mouthwash (200 mL+) printable
Pay as low as $2.94, get back (2) $5.00 OYNO Catalinas
Final cost is all 6 items for FREE + $7.06 Money Maker!!

*We did test this Catalina by purchasing one Optic White Advanced ($3.99) just to make sure it worked, but the better deal is to buy 2 of the regular $1.99 Optic White so that's why there's a discrepancy with the main image and the deal scenario.

If you want to do this deal more than once, as shown in our main image, you do NOT need to separate your transactions to ensure your Catalinas print. You will get $5.00 OYNO for EVERY 5 items you purchase. And remember, Kroger Catalinas ALWAYS roll!! Want to learn more about how Kroger Catalinas work, including what to do if you don't receive yours? Read THIS POST.

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Linda Maness

July 1, 202102:45 pm

Ok so this shows the Colgate Catalina printing until 7/20. So why are they stopping the Catalina from printing?


July 1, 202109:13 am

What does it mean to "receive the (Catalina) advertisement"?

M Corey

June 24, 202111:21 pm

knew i shoulda gone yesterday when first saw posting. no catalinas for me :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(.hadn't had a chance to share the deal with friends.they would be soooooooo disappointed


June 24, 202108:14 pm

Went yesterday and got 5 toothpastes and got a $5 off. I forgot to load my coupon so loaded it and went back today to find they pulled tags and upped the prices. Guess they got wind of the money maker. This is in Madison Alabama.


June 24, 202107:33 pm

Don't see $9 coupon anymore

Terrie Smith

June 24, 202108:28 pm

they took it down


June 25, 202110:10 pm

I used my $9 coupon today, so not everyone”s coupon disappeared.


June 24, 202105:03 pm

At the end of the transaction for this deal (without Catalina) a "Save $5.00 on your next Shopping trip" printed out that said "thank you from Colgate"


June 24, 202105:06 pm

Sorry it was with Catalina

Emilia Fichter

June 24, 202105:00 pm

I bought five full priced Colgate sensitive at $4.99. I had clipped a coupon of $18 for 5 (this item was included) and received a $5 Catalina at checkout. Thanks for posting this!


June 24, 202105:00 pm

I did not get the Kroger Catalina today. So sad. I did get the $9/5.

Suz in OH

June 24, 202104:56 pm

I bought 6 toothpaste and 1 mouthwash. I had forgotten to take along my printed copy of the deal with me so bought an extra tp just to be on the safe side. The $9 off 5 came off and so did a digital Q for $2 off on the mouthwash. I did get two of the $5 OYNO catalinas. This was at 10:35 am on 6/24 in Mount Vernon, Ohio. Thanks for the heads up, but sorry that more may not get this deal.


June 24, 202104:46 pm

I shopped this morning early and bought just the 6 items listed here and the $9/5 plus the $2/1 came off correctly but once again the 5th toothpaste did NOT deduct the mega $1 extra savings! I did NOT receive any Cats as well. I went to CS desk and had to argue once again for that dollar. I explained this is why they have the coupon for $9 instead of $10, so you won't run into negative (or free actually since you pay 95c for the 5) and it was not easy. I hate to have to do this! Then when I told her(and showed my Catalina alert I just got few days ago with Kroger's name on it)she said to contact them because she has no control over those. So disappointed, especially on my B-Day! I was hoping they'd give me a bone today. :>) I emailed Catalina after no human ever comes on to talk to on the phone, and I sent pics of receipt plus the alert plus the actual 6 items, so hoping they send them to me. Glad lots of you got yours!


June 24, 202104:09 pm

I bought the items in the example above. The digital coupons worked, but only 1 Catalina printed. Maybe I got the last one, lol. I was disappointed, but now thankful I shopped when I did. And I had a savings of over 50% off my total bill. Thanks for the information!


June 25, 202107:38 am

Same thing for me I shopped yesterday bought the exact items suggested, coupons came off but only 1 Catalina. But still a great deal just not as good as receiving 2 Catalinas :)


June 24, 202102:54 pm

Does anyone know if the catalinas print for Kroger Pick-up purchases?


June 24, 202104:41 pm

Erin, sorry but they do not. You must use the regular in-store registers to take advantage of catalina.

Terrie Smith

June 24, 202102:53 pm

I did not get the Catalina the lady at the desk said it was because I had a digital download


June 24, 202101:52 pm

Just tried this deal in ohio kroger only purchased 6 cologate because store was all out of mouthwash . Only received 1 catalina coupon $5.00 and the kroger digital coupon for buy5 save $9 .00 Did come off. Only a little money maker. Love getting things free :)

Terrie Smith

June 24, 202102:55 pm

I am in Toledo Ohio did the deal and got no Catalinas


June 24, 202110:31 am

These prices don’t match the prices I’m seeing in my Kroger app for this area, but if the coupons and Catalinas work then it is still a small moneymaker. My toothpaste are listed at $2.99 and mouthwash at $4.99.

Darla Sjoquist

June 24, 202111:36 am

Yes, $2.99. But there's a Buy 5 Save $1 on each promotion going on. So, if you buy 5 the price is $1.99 each.

Janet DeSantis

June 24, 202110:20 am

I did this deal last night at Kroger and the catalinas did not print. Is there anything i can do. Kroger customer service said they did not control what printed.


June 24, 202111:33 am

Contact Catalina Marketing. Make sure you have your receipt. They will mail you a catalina.

Carole Parker

June 25, 202112:06 am

I submitted a review to the Catalina website. We'll see...


June 26, 202101:51 pm

Hi, do you know where to contact? Because I did not get any Catalina from my purchase.


June 26, 202103:11 pm

I called 888-826-8766 and after listening to many prompts, they tell you to submit your request online.


July 5, 202108:41 pm

Thanks a lot Dear Jane.


June 24, 202109:07 am

What states do people live in that are getting the Catalina?


June 24, 202106:28 am

I bought 5 of the 360 toothbrushes and a mouthwash. $9 off 5 came off and the $2 mouthwash. I got 2 $5 catalinas back. Worked like a charm.


June 24, 202108:59 am

What state are you in


June 23, 202109:08 pm

Worked perfectly for me in the Central region! I bought one mouth wash, two optic white, two total, and one max; $9 and $2 Kroger digital coupons came off, and received two $5 catalinas! Thank you so much!


June 23, 202107:29 pm

I don't understand how you get two catalinas from one purchase. What are the catalinas? Are they the same, and each is for $5 off future purchase?


June 24, 202111:22 am

Yeah, the Catalina is in multiples of 3. So, by purchasing the combination above, you end up getting two $5 printouts. Worked for me in Georgia.


June 24, 202110:12 am

I bought 5 of the 3.99 toothpaste and 5 of the 1.99 toothpaste in the same transaction and received 3 of the $5 off next purchase catalinas

Vanessa Pope 423 Thompson street cedartown georgia 30125

June 24, 202110:14 am

And I had the $18/5 and the $9/5 coupons that came off

Pat Goff

June 23, 202106:43 pm

I got the 2 catalina's. I got the $2 for the mouth wash but the $9 didn't come off and I bought the exact 5 listed above.


June 23, 202111:06 pm

The list above has 6 items. If the mouthwash came off then only 4 items applied to the second coupon. What region are you in?

Pat Goff

June 24, 202109:35 am

Memphis area

Pat Goff

June 24, 202109:36 am

I bought the 5 toothpastes above plus the mouthwash. That makes 6.


June 23, 202106:25 pm

Awesome! Thank you! Came in just for the $5 cups and seen this deal while in store. Worked perfectly


June 23, 202105:19 pm

Did not print for me either. Southeast Ohio


June 23, 202104:15 pm

Catalina didn’t print for me in the Houston area.

Patty westbay

June 23, 202101:13 pm

I have $18 off 5 products of Colgate


June 23, 202102:06 pm

Same here. I plan to purchase six bottles of mouthwash, use $18/5 and $2 mouthwash digital coupons, then get back 2*$5. Will that work?


June 24, 202107:22 am

I'd like to try that too. I have more than enough tooth paste