We have a slight regional difference on our Kroger brand Butter items! These are the Salted and Unsalted 4 count sticks we LOVE to stock up on! They are in our Kroger Mega Event right now for either $1.69 OR $1.99! Either is a fantastic price!!!

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July 23, 202112:00 am

ON THE B5S5 ---I need 8 packages of butter--- Is it ok to get 5 packages on one day and the next day get 3 more ? If not I can ask my neighbor to pick them up. I am baking cookies for church.

Pat Goff

June 24, 202109:34 am

The butter coupon was available to download to your card earlier this month.

Donna C. Blonts

June 24, 202107:25 am

I don't have the butter coupon. Would you send another one? So confusing!!

Donna C. Blonts

June 24, 202107:20 am

This is so confusing! How do I get this on my Kroger card? Specifically the $1.69 butter coupon. Can't you make your website more user friendly? I have been using it for years, now it is awful!! My card number is 403128374907. Donna Blonts


June 24, 202101:12 pm

Donna, nobody can push a coupon to your card, and Katie doesn't work for Kroger. There is no $1.69 coupon. I believe Katie was trying to say that depending on where you live, your price will likely be $1.69 or $1.99 after the $1 discount for the B5S5 promotion. In my case, it is $1.99. In addition to all of this, Pat was mentioning she had a 55¢ coupon in her account. I imagine it may be one of the SAVINGS FOR YOU or BEST CUSTOMER BO?NUS coupon. Not everyone will have this. In short, you will have to do the B5S5, and it likely will be $1.69 or $1.99.

Suz in OH

June 24, 202105:19 pm

IndyRick, that was an excellent explanation for Donna.

Pat Goff

June 23, 202103:57 pm

Check you kroger coupons. I have a 55 cents off coupon.