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You know that I am always looking for ways to save more money and in turn, share these great ideas with you! I am super excited to tell you all about Fluz, my new favorite way to save at Kroger! In addition to all of the other rebate apps we already use, Fluz is going to help increase the money you’re putting back in your pockets.

If you’d like to learn more about the Fluz App, keep on reading because you’re going to love it as much as me.

How Does Fluz Work?

Fluz works similarly to other cash back apps where you pay Fluz before you pay the merchant like shopping in store at Kroger. What you’re doing is buying a gift card from Fluz to use for your purchase while you’re waiting for your groceries to be bagged. That means the cashier gives you the total of your bill after sales and coupons, you buy a gift card via Fluz and have the cashier scan the barcode and BOOM, you’re done.  If you’re wondering if the process takes too long, the answer is NO.  When I see my total, I add it to the $ amount field and purchase a Kroger gift card using Apple Pay, Paypal or linking my bank account. The code is ready in under 10 seconds. It’s SUPER FAST. The cashier scans the barcode on your smartphone or they can manually enter the e-gift card number, you enter the PIN on the card scanner…and you’re out the door. In no time, you have earned cash back.

You can also buy gift cards before your purchase to maximize earning potentials. Top off your Uber or Starbucks account from your couch and earn up to 35% cash back!

Fluz also works through your network of friends and family. Fluz rewards you for inviting friends to join you. The more your friends shop, the more you earn too! Having a network of friends who shop, everyone wins. Join my network and download Fluz now by using code KROGERKRAZY. After you start, invite some of your friends to join too. Fluz also offers bonus cash for simple tasks such as $5 for setting up your account or $10 for inviting 5 friends.

After you sign up, be sure to use your vouchers. For using my referral link, you’ll also enjoy three 35% off vouchers. Voucher stores are limited, but include tons of online places and our favorite in-store shopping like Kroger. Each bonus voucher for signing up is good for a max discount of $3.50. So if you help others sign up, you can have an extra $17.50.

Now are you wondering if there are fees?  The answer is NO. With Fluz it’s totally FREE and once you earn your first $26 you can cash out.  Not to mention, earning cash back plus points makes Fluz a BIG winner.

Paying with Kroger pay works the same as paying with a gift card. You can simply earn 1% cash back when you purchase groceries at Kroger using Fluz gift cards

Paying with the Fluz App in Kroger

  1. Do your regular shopping in the Kroger store like you always do and head to checkout.
  2. Open the Fluz app prior to your purchase.  Click the PAY button at the bottom of your screen. Search “Kroger” in the “Search a store” field.
  3. Once you have the final checkout amount, enter the total into Fluz to purchase a gift card for the exact amount of your purchase.
  4. Ask the cashier to scan the gift card barcode (or enter the e-gift card number).
  5. You will be prompted to enter the PIN on the card scanner.
  6. Earn INSTANT cash back for the total purchase amount while shopping at Kroger.

Should your cashier experience issues, let them know it’s a Kroger gift card. The cashier needs to press EFT, scan the barcode or enter the gift card number and you enter the PIN. You can always request a manager’s assistance to help as well but trust me, it’s easy. Please note that paying with Fluz at Kroger only works in-store at the cashier. Members cannot use Fluz at Kroger Pickup or Online (yet!! Let’s hope this soon changes)!

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Sarah Snell

July 15, 202108:27 am

Ibotta had a similar service for awhile but my Kroger refused to take the “digital” gift cards.


July 17, 202102:10 pm

I just did it the other day...cashier scanned the barcode from my phone and I entered the pin on the keypad. Hopefully, you won't find any issues! :)