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Pat Goff

July 13, 202112:35 pm

Does anybody else hate waiting for a code to sign into your Kellogg's Rewards Account?


July 9, 202110:33 pm

Unfortunately, all the Krogers I've checked around here (Columbus, OH) only carry the 10.2 oz size.


July 9, 202103:08 pm

There's also a $0.50 KCB rebate for this. So $1.79 with mega sale, $1 Ibotta rebate, $3/5 coupon ($0.60 off each), $.50 KCB rebate equals $2.10 off each, so moneymaker, if you buy 5!


July 10, 202111:53 am

The KCB is for 14.3 oz or larger. My ibotta is for .40 only.

Chris Lavenz

July 13, 202112:36 pm

I only have the 40 cents too.