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We aren't new to KING'S HAWAIIAN® bread, rolls or even buns but I have a new item that is on the shelves of Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio for just a limited time so you'll want to stay tuned.  All of these items are a staple in my house, especially the rolls and can we all agree they are delicious? I love the taste of the KING'S HAWAIIAN® Rolls so hearing about their English Muffins makes me so happy.  We keep English Muffins in my house at almost all times and use for breakfast sandwiches, little pizzas for lunch and even adding some cream cheese and fruit on top. Anyway you look at it, they are good.  But KING'S HAWAIIAN® turned this taste UP and I couldn't be happier.  I ate the toasted English Muffin with just some butter and oh my word, it was moist and delicious.

Find out if your store carries these KING'S HAWAIIAN® English Muffins HERE!!

The new KING'S HAWAIIAN® English Muffins bring a new, flavorful experience to the traditional English Muffin that will elevate your morning breakfast.  If you don't want them for breakfast, they really can go with any meal or any time of the day. The most important part is that they are delicious like all the other items they carry.  I make freezer sausage, egg muffins each week for my husband (Kendra here) and I'll be making them with honey wheat this time around.  I can't wait to hear his reaction to how yummy these are.

KING'S HAWAIIAN® Original Hawaiian Sweet English Muffins have the hint of sweetness you love, baked into an irresistible English Muffin. They are the perfect match for sweet toppings like jam or honey, but get ready for the ultimate sweet & savory experience when paired with toppings like butter, cream cheese, or even as a breakfast sandwich.  Trust me, just adding some butter to the toasted muffin will make you happy!

KING'S HAWAIIAN® Honey Wheat English Muffins are made with 7 grains and real honey. You'll love the texture and flavor of this irresistible way to start your day.  I am pretty sure I could eat these each day with a little avocado and everything bagel seasoning. It's the perfect pairing.

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