Today is the LAST DAY to use this savings at Kroger so don’t let it go to waste!

I hope you saw this deal in the ad because it’s all kinds of awesome and super easy to do.  You’ll be able to SAVE $10 on a $75 purchase at Kroger with a digital coupon.  This deal expires on August 10th so get there this week!!

Save $10.00 on Your Purchase When you spend $75.00 or more in one transaction. Coupon can be redeemed once from August 4-10 only.

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August 10, 202109:06 am

Thank you for your wonderful gift & helping me meet my family needs!

Nicki Blank

August 5, 202103:54 pm

Thank you Katie for all the work you do with making sure we are aware of Kroger deals. I love Kroger but sometimes I miss some goodies like this one here lbvs. So, it's nice to have this info as backup. You are appreciated. Have a good day! :-)

Judith Carroll Farrell

August 5, 202101:11 pm

can't wait to use it


August 5, 202101:39 pm

Judith, me too!


August 5, 202108:58 am

This is very difficult to use -- not everyone has a phone that has enough storage for your app. I feel like I have been promised something and then when I tried to check out with a pdf of the coupon, was told that it was not acceptable. Not nice.

Nicki Blank

August 5, 202103:50 pm

RD, when you click on the blue writing where it says "Save $10....", it takes you straight to specifically to that coupon (I just did it myself and it took me straight there). So you don't need the app or a pdf. Underneath the coupon on KROGER website, it says to sign in to your Kroger account to put it on your Kroger rewards/shopping card. Hope this helps.


August 5, 202101:24 pm

RD, I am just sharing the information provided in the Kroger Weekly Ad. You could simply just go to and find the coupon to download. It's easier on your phone if you have the Kroger app. If you're having issues with that, take the Kroger ad to an employee who can help you scan the QR code to download the coupon to your account. Hope that helps!

Carolyn Mikulak

August 4, 202107:15 pm

Thank you


August 5, 202101:31 pm

Carolyn, you're very welcome!

Betty parr

August 4, 202106:02 pm

I shop at Kroger every week, This will really come in handy for me


August 5, 202101:32 pm

Betty, so glad!!

Mary Whitlock

August 4, 202103:46 pm

I go to Kroger's every week so this will help.


August 5, 202101:32 pm

Mary, so glad!

Rhonda Rivera

August 4, 202102:35 pm

Thank you for letting me know about this coupon. It really helps.


August 5, 202101:32 pm

Rhonda, you're so welcome!

Loretta Hopkins

August 4, 202101:59 pm

Kroger deal are great!


August 5, 202101:32 pm

Loretta, we agree! :)


August 4, 202101:28 pm

Can this be used along with other digital coupons for other items?


August 5, 202101:33 pm

Tiff, yes but make sure your digital coupons don't allow your total spent to dip below $75. Paper coupons can be used AFTER you've reached $75 though.

Renee P

August 6, 202105:01 pm

The buy 5+ save $1 isnt included in the total before $75 or is it?

gloria carpenter

August 4, 202111:01 am

I tried to do the coupon on digital, how do I know if it worked?


August 5, 202101:35 pm

Gloria, it should show under your loaded coupons.


August 4, 202110:32 am

Thank you


August 5, 202101:39 pm

Sony, you're welcome! :)

Sonya Drake

August 4, 202110:31 am

Great offer


August 5, 202101:40 pm

Sonya, we agree!


August 4, 202110:00 am

Looking forward to using this discount


August 5, 202101:40 pm

Dotty, me too!

Andrea Mattingly

August 4, 202109:42 am

Thank you


August 5, 202101:40 pm

Andrea, you're welcome! :)

Donna C. Blonts

August 4, 202109:29 am

Do I have the $10.00 coupon loaded to my card or not? I hate this web site!!


August 4, 202110:28 am

You can go into the Kroger site and load the coupon to your card along with all other coupons you want

Donna C. Blonts

August 4, 202109:26 am

Most confusing web site EVER!!

Kim Hepburn

August 4, 202109:22 am

Can always use the extra money!!


August 5, 202102:25 pm

Kim, exactly!

Heidi Klink

August 4, 202109:06 am

What happened to your Digital coupons that I could load to my card. Your inventory and services have become inexcusably bad since covid 19 hit. There is no excuse for it.

Nicki Blank

August 5, 202104:22 pm

My response to Heidi, Donna and whomever else needs clarification: There's no reason for you to blame and be rude to Katie for something only Kroger can do. We, as consumers, go to store websites that offer loadable/digital and sometimes even printable coupons for products they sell. Not any site I've ever been on, not just Kroger, is correct all the time with what's in/out of stock. Heck, that'd be too much like right if they did lol but so serious! Yeah sometimes getting deals and buying stuff can be frustrating but it's ridiculous to see you and others on this thread act as if your frustration is targeting the person responsible. Katie provides a service...a service where she lets people know about what's advertised by the store, and where people have the option of subscribing to said service to obtain wanted info. She's not misrepresenting herself and/or her blog and cannot make Kroger fix anything on their site. Bottom line, you guys have a choice to unsubscribe if you're not happy with her service just as y'all the right to be upset about whatever but seriously, we're too grown to be taking our frustrations out publicly on someone who's just trying to help all of save money. Have a blessed day all and let's follow the golden rule by treating others as we want to be treated.


August 5, 202102:25 pm

Heidi, this is not Kroger...please contact them directly.