I noticed this $18.00/5 Colgate Kroger Digital Coupon but I wanted to make sure it came off at register correctly because it's on five items.  These Colgate Advanced Toothpastes and Colgate Optic White and Total Mouthwashes are $5.00.  These items are also part of the Health & Wellness Event so maybe you can find some more to add with it to save an additional $5 a register!!

On the image below, we purchased some slightly higher toothpaste items but definitely grab the $5.00 ones in the picture below!!

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junior g

October 4, 202112:08 pm

kroger took out the $18 on 5 items coupon from some accounts ///// for some reason i still had it i purchased 5 mouthwashes the blue liquid ones ...5 mouthwashes for 2 dollars is a steal...it worked for me today october 4

Sandra Wychgel

October 1, 202106:07 pm

Did not work for me...I bought (5) 5.00 items. My other coupons came off as well as the 5.00 Wellness...18.00 coupon did not come off :(

Lena Wiliams

September 30, 202106:19 pm

I got the Toothpaste for 40 cents each like you said. Going to Donate to a Church that serves the Homeless. Thank you for all you do.

Marie Miller

September 30, 202112:29 pm

I dont have any of those on my Kroger account..:+(


October 2, 202102:17 am

Me neither....super sad

Donna l Griffith

September 30, 202110:04 am

This coupon is not in my digitals to select. Bummer, would have been a good item to donate to my elderly.

Jessica Marck

September 30, 202101:04 am

Pretty sure this is a dead deal. The coupon is no longer showing in my account.


September 29, 202109:36 pm

I tired using this coupon today $18/5 and took all other coupons off before going and it did not work. Got a manager to help fix it but they said they don't know of any coupon like that. So frustrating.


September 29, 202103:37 pm

Just curious if anyone has tried this and has the $18/5 coupon, the $4/1 coupon (expires tomorrow) and the $3/2 coupon (expires in 3 days). All of my coupons, plus the automatic $5 off coupon will exceed the amount of the purchase (if I get 5 items at $5 each). So I'm not sure what the system will do. Thanks!


October 1, 202110:31 pm

I would unclip the $3/2 coup so the system has the highest value coup to use(the $18 off 5). 5 mouthwashes will qualify for the 18$coup and the 5$off for spend $20.Did the deal that way for my sister's account as she had already used the $4off one that expired sept 30.

Dinah Smith

September 29, 202109:23 pm

I had the same coupons and purchased several Colgate items last week. The coupons did not work properly and I was told they now take the lowest valued coupons first.


October 1, 202110:27 pm

i've noticed if i have dig coupons of different values for the same items, system takes the lowest value coup off. I did this deal on my account . Bought 6 mouthwash. $4 off one came off as well as the $18 off 5 and the $5 off for spending 20$. Paid $4.81 for 6 bottles. Picked up my sister's for her. She had already used her $4off one. Got 5 mouthwash on her account for her. Dig $18 off 5 came off and the $5 off for spend $20. Hers cost $3.35 for 5 bottles.

Suzette Robinson

September 29, 202102:46 pm

Did you use any other coupons?