week of 09/05/21

Here are what coupons you can expect to see in the Sunday paper this weekend! It has been reported that we are receiving (1) SAVE insert this weekend.

Axe $1.50/1 antiperspirant etts (9/18)
Band Aid $.75/1 Brand Adhesive bandage, band Aid brand of first Aid products or Neosporin etts (10/2)
Band Aid $1/1 Brand Adhesive bandage, band Aid brand of first Aid products or Neosporin etts (10/2)
Barilla $3/1 vero Gusto pasta sauce (10/17)
BOOST Drink $5/1 12-pack or larger multipack(10/31)
BOOST Drink $4/2 multipack or canisters (10/31)
Centrum $4/1 multigummies 50 ct + (9/19)
Centrum $4/1 targeted supplements 30ct+ (9/19)
Clear care $3/1 or plus 12 oz + (10/16)
Clear care $6/1 or plus twin pack only (10/16)
Compeed $4/1 advanced blister care 8ct and 10c (9/25)
Compeed $5/1 advanced blister care 12 ct or 9ct (9/25)
Dial Foaming $1/1 Hand Washes, Hand soap refills (9/19)
Dial $1/2 or tone body wash, or dial bar soap 6 bars+ (9/19)
Drake’s $1/1 family pack (10/31)
Equal $1/1 (11/7)
Equal $3/2 (11/7)
Febreeze plug scented oil warmer up to $3 (9/18)
Gerber $2/6 tubs, jars or pouches(10/31)
Gerber $2/4 snacks (10/31)
Gerber $1/1 cereal (10/31)
Golden $1/1 Blossom Honey Mustard (12/25) dnd
Herbal $2/2 essences shampoo, conditioner or styling excludes bio-renew, color, body wash etts (9/18)
Lindor $1.50/2 5oz+ (10/10)
Lindor $.50/2 sticks1.3 oz Lindt (10/10)
Mederma $6/1 .Advanced Scar gel 20g or Quick dry oil 60ml or cold sore patch (9/25)
Mederma $8/1 (excludes advanced scar gel 20 grams, ag skin care and cold sore patch (9/25)
Mrs. $1/3 T’s Pierogies (10/9)
Naphcon-A $3/1 eye drops (10/2)
Opti Free $3/1 puremoist, replenish, 10 oz + (10/16)
Opti Free $6/1 puremoist, replenish, twin pack only (10/16)
Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry cat food buy one get one free 2.5oz bag or smaller Rachael Ray Nutrish cat treats (10/31)
Rachael $3/1 Ray nutrish Big Life dry dog Food (10/31)
Rachael $3/1 Ray nutrish Dry Dog food (10/31)
Rachael $3/1 Ray nutrish Dry cat food (10/31)
Rachael Ray nutrish dry dog food buy one get one free 6.3oz Bag or less of Rachael Ray Nutrish dog treats (10/31)
Systane $3/1 lubricant eye drops 8mL+ (10/2)
Systane $6/1 lubricant eye drops 10mL twin pack (10/2)
Systane $6/1 eye caps vitamins any size (10/2)
Senokot $4.00/1 Laxative Dietary Supplement gummy or tea (10/2)
Senokot $3.00/1 Laxative tablets (10/2)
Senokot $4.00/1 Laxative tea (10/2)

Don’t forget to check here for free printable coupons…..Coupons.com, Smartsource.com and Savings.com. Go HERE for a full list of my favorite printable coupon sites.

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September 6, 202107:51 pm

I love Kraft Coupon Lady! If you could figure out a way for me to get the weekend papers delivered to my home, I’d ring the bells for you!! I’ve tried for 23 years without any luck!

Linda Griggs

September 4, 202109:38 pm

When I click on Smart source.com it says the printed coupons have been discontinued as of 8-25-21.


September 6, 202107:52 pm

I get the same response. Our Kroger and Walmart stores in Corbin, Kentucky won’t take computer home printed coupons.