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Kroger has a new brand on the shelves called Wicked Foods.  These new products caught my eye with their stunning packaging and I couldn't wait to share with you. Most of these items are included in our NEW Kroger Weekly Digital promo (besides the meal kits and shreds), so you'll be able to use this coupon up to five times in each transaction.  With sale and coupon you'll be paying as low as $2.50 for each product and that's a big savings!!

Wicked Foods grabs veg by the bulbs! They really are a force for good and are on a mission to inspire the way we cook and eat by unleashing the mighty flavor of plants. Wicked Foods was founded in 2012 by chefs and brothers Derek & Chad Sarno. Launching the first of the Wicked Foods range of chef-crafted, game-changing, plant-based products in 2018 across the U.K. and now in the US at Kroger (YAY!). Their philosophy is simple – create exceptionally delicious plant-based foods for meat-eaters & vegans alike. They believe (like mom) that eating more veg isn't just better for us, it's better for our planet and the animals that live on it. It's good…to eat Wicked.

If you're ready for vegan food that tastes good then I'd love for you to try out Wicked Foods.  Delicious flavor-first, convenient plant-based foods from lunch and breakfast options to dinner, snacks, and desserts. They are here to help make cooking and eating quality plant-based foods delicious, easy and enjoyable! You'll be amazed at all of the choices!

Breakfast is hectic and I get this completely so you'll be pleased to find out there are two porridge options including very berry and apple pie.  Not only do these sound yummy but they taste yummy, too!  Heat in the microwave with water for three minutes and you're on your way to breakfast in no-time.

Sriracha is a staple in our house so when I saw that Wicked Foods carried this, I was super excited.  A couple of other sauces are on the shelves as well including Asian Style BBQ Sauce and Wicked Sticky Teriyaki Sauce.  These will all make great marinades and it looks like fried rice just made the menu this week!  I used the Wicked Sticky Teriyaki Sauce with my vegetable potstickers and it was SO good.  With just a hint of spice, it wasn't too hot at all.  It's definitely going to be making it to my table more often.

Oh, I'm not done, there are some great sauces available such as Pink Beetroot Pesto, Black Olive Pesto and Orange Pumpkin Pesto. These 100% plant-based sauces would be so good on top of your pasta or a quinoa and kale salad with the pink beetroot.  I hope you're getting hungry.

On top of the sauces, there are a couple of vegan mayo options like garlic vegan mayo with caramelized onions and Bac-No-Naise Vegan Mayo. Try either one of these with a yummy potato salad or your favorite black bean burger. YUM!!  My husband (Kendra here) is super excited for me to use the vegan mayo with caramelized onion on his sandwich for work tomorrow and I can't wait to sneak a bite!

I picked up quite a few of these meal kits and meal pots with this amazing deal.  The meal pots on the shelves at Kroger include:

  • Late Night Rice Noodles
  • Spicy Smoky Dreamy Mac
  • Punchin' Potatoes & Beans Chili Mac

The meal kits looks so good and include:

  • M'Shroom Shawarma Style Shreds
  • Shitake Ramen Broth
  • Korean Style M'Shroom Shreds
  • Crackin' Coconut Korma Kit
  • Mexican Style M'Shroom Shreds
  • Pumpkin Laska

The meal kits are really ready to go and will be done in a flash. I am excited to try them all but the Mexican Style M'Shroom Shreds has my attention.  Just grab a taco shell, some red pickled onions, salsa, vegan cheese and salsa…and dinner is ready to go.

The best thing about these meals is you don't have to be vegan.  The flavors are so good that you will quickly forget that you're not eating meat.  If you're ready to save, download your 5x per transaction Kroger Digital Coupon that can be used on the meal pots, sauces and porridge items and stock up.  These items are shelf stable in your pantry for a few months so you'll find one your family loves.  Once you've opened, refrigerate and use within two days. YUM!!

The meal kits and shreds are not part of the promotion but on sale for $4.00 so be sure and add some of these to your shopping cart as well!


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