There's no need to be stealing from the kids' candy stash this Halloween season. Simply buy any one (1) Breyers REESE'S tub or (1) Klondike REESE'S bar and get one (1) FREE! Click SEND OFFER after you add your phone number where you can then send in a picture of your receipt where you purchased (2) of the above items. This will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Thanks, Mindy!

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October 20, 202102:10 pm

I can not get this to work. I have entered my phone number a couple of times and nothing happens.


October 18, 202108:28 pm

I think this OFFER is very confusing. In one place, it says Buy One, Get One Free and yet, in another place, it states you must buy 2 - one of each, Klondike Reese's Bars AND one of Breyers Reese ice cream container. Which is it? Please respond asap.


October 18, 202110:24 pm

You can definitely just buy 2 of the breyers reeses - I haven't tried just buying 2 klondike. I've bought 2 breyers reeses twice and gotten both rebates in a few days. Hope you can still get some:)


October 16, 202107:42 am

I tried twice to get this offer. I never received the deal.