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Dove is on a mission to change the perception of beauty and they're doing that by encouraging young people to think positively about their bodies and the way they look. They are working to enable them to reach their full potential in life.  If this doesn't want to make you want to purchase their products, I don't know will.  Dove Self-Esteem Project is committed to improving the self confidence of 250 million kids by the year 2030 and they can't do it alone. The pressures of social media continue to make kids feel more self conscious and has also make it even more difficult for parents to have conversations with their kids about self confidence.

Dove created a guide for parents called The Confidence Kit. It's created specifically to build body confidence in you and the young people in your life. It contains helpful information on how to help young people build body confidence, navigate the online world and celebrate their individuality, while helping you navigate these tricky conversations.  This honestly has me intrigued because I have a daughter of my own and I've had these conversations and sometimes I often wonder if I'm saying the right thing. If you're interested, you can download the guide HERE for fun body confidence activities to help boost self-esteem in young people. Get started by downloading the Confidence Kit guide and start a conversation today.

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