Get these delicious Screamin' Sicilian Pizzas are JUST $3.00 each at Kroger! How?? Well! We have TWO great rebates we can stack up on these AND they are also B1G1 FREE on sale!!! We have all of the details below but just grab two and submit for your rebate stack to get that great $3.00 price! You'll be so happy later eating pizza!

*Kroger Cash Back, Fetch Rewards and Ibotta Rebate offers, values and expiration dates vary by account.

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November 1, 202112:39 pm

These are $7.49 in the Delta region, so $2.25 each wyb 2 after the KCB and Ibotta rebates. Great deal! Thanks for posting these.


October 29, 202107:46 am

I had the ibotta saved to my shopping, knowing these were going on sale b1g1 but it expired Tuesday before the sale began and has not reset. BTW I love getting the emails and advance notice of sale previews and a synopsis of stack discounts available. While they are not always 100% they are remarkably accurate. The preview of upcoming sale was what led me to wait on buying these pizzas until this cycle. Unfortunately I missed the ibotta but I'll give it another couple of days to see if it comes back. I've used Ibotta for almost a year and I like it, but the deals have dropped in value and the bonuses are made more difficult than when I first opened the account.


October 30, 202110:42 am

Complain complain complain.