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If you haven't seen these Undercover Snacks at your Kroger located in the snack cracker and chip aisle then let me introduce you because I have so many good things that I can't wait to tell you.  Undercover Snacks are lightly chocolate covered quinoa snacks that are made with healthy simple ingredients, are naturally gluten free, with protein, fiber and nutrients…along with an incredible crunch.  Let me tell you one thing that you should hold onto; these snacks are delicious.

I will admit that I love chocolate.  Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, any kind of chocolate works for me.  I try not to overdo it on chocolate and then Undercover showed up and I messed that up.  But did it really?  NO because these are just better for you and even gluten-free.  Undercover Snacks carefully source all-natural, non-gmo, simple ingredients and Rain Forest Alliance Certified chocolate.  My family has become obsessed with these over the past few days and I cannot wait to add more to our pantry.  The clean ingredients that Undercover offers is important in my lifestyle.

Undercover Snacks Chocolate Quinoa Crisps are simple bites of deliciousness made with only two ingredients: crispy quinoa and chocolate. The quinoa is dried and toasted to create crispy texture, and then mixed with just the right amount of premium milk chocolate. It's honestly delicious and not too sweet or high in sugar or calories. Plus another BIG win is they are safe for lunchboxes because they are free from some of the most common allergens including wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, soybeans, fish, shellfish, sesame and poppy seeds.  Get some for the lunchboxes, get extra because these will fit perfectly for the kids.

Lucky for us, Kroger currently has three different varieties on their shelves right now including milk chocolate, dark chocolate + sea salt and dark chocolate + blueberries.  I have a couple of different ways for you to save on these bags. First they are $2.79 at Kroger until 10/24/21.  You can also print a $1.00 coupon and pay as low as $1.79 for each bag (up to two per computer or device) or you can email and mention you'd like more coupons and they will send you a B1G1 FREE coupon via USPS (mailed within 24 hours) and you'll pay $1.40 each.  You will want to get all the coupons you can so you can stock up.  I can't say this enough. These are SO good!!

Undercover Chocolate is offering (100) lucky readers a sampler pack valued at $25.00!! To enter to win, just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below. It's super easy, so don't let it intimidate you!  The only mandatory entries are to follow @UndercoverSnacks on Instagram and leave a comment on THIS blog post. Like THIS Undercover Snacks Instagram (by hitting the heart button or double tapping on image) for an extra entry. Good luck!

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October 15, 202110:03 pm

Love to try this.

Tina Young

October 15, 202104:24 pm

I want to try peppermint

Kassandra Gordon

October 15, 202108:00 am

I would love to try the dark chocolate sea salt undercover snacks! These sound healthy and delicious. I love that they are gluten free and lower sugar! Yes please!!


October 15, 202103:55 am

I'm most excited to try Undercover Dark Chocolate and Blueberries Crispy Quinoa Chocolate Covered Snack!


October 14, 202110:02 pm

i want to try the milk chocolate & peppermint

Alison Jones

October 14, 202109:11 pm

I want to try the milk chocolate peppermint flavor.


October 14, 202104:52 pm

I haven't tried these yet, but they sound yummy! I am most excited to try the dark chocolate and peppermint!


October 14, 202103:37 pm

would love to try it


October 14, 202103:17 pm

I would love to try them


October 14, 202102:54 pm

Would love to win


October 14, 202112:56 pm

Amazing! Can’t wait to try them.


October 14, 202112:56 pm

I want to try these

Christina Bryant

October 14, 202112:43 pm

I absolutely LOVE the dark chocolate varieties, but would love to try the milk chocolate + currants.


October 14, 202112:07 pm

Totally want to try these!


October 14, 202111:28 am

Let's check these snacks out at KROGER!

Jamie S

October 14, 202111:20 am

Can’t wait to try these!


October 14, 202110:36 am

These look so yummy!


October 14, 202110:33 am

Thanks for the heads up!

Leona McCray

October 14, 202110:18 am

can't wait to try the milk chocolate!

Kayla Starrett

October 14, 202109:55 am

Milk chocolate is always my favorite, so I’m most excited to try that one!

Candace Heurion

October 14, 202108:20 am

Excited to try a new healthy option for snacks. Always like to have gluten free options for our friends around too!


October 14, 202107:01 am

I'm most excited to try the Dark Chocolate and Blueberries!

Patti Chipps

October 14, 202106:13 am

Would love to try


October 14, 202105:45 am

Can’t wait to try these!


October 14, 202103:18 am

I can’t wait to try the dark chocolate !


October 14, 202102:50 am


Carly Chandler

October 14, 202102:25 am

I can't wait to try them!


October 14, 202101:35 am

Seasalt dark chocolate and blueberries sounds yummy


October 14, 202101:31 am

These look like an interesting packed lunch treat.

Luanne Lawler

October 14, 202112:35 am

Would love to try the milk chocolate and peppermint


October 14, 202112:31 am

Love all the help with getting great deals.


October 14, 202112:26 am

Love all the help with getting great deals.


October 14, 202112:01 am

Can wait to try these!

Sharon Mink

October 13, 202111:56 pm

I look forward to eating the milk chocolate the most. :)

Sharon Mink

October 13, 202111:53 pm

I never knew about Undercover food items, they look so good and healthy!


October 13, 202111:29 pm

They all look so good, but the one I most want to try is Milk Chocolate.


October 13, 202111:07 pm

I have never had Undercover before but my kids would love any of them

Paula Gillespie

October 13, 202111:06 pm

I am looking forward to trying all of the flavors but the first one has to either be the Milk Chocolate or the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Flavors. Thanks for the chance to win this!!

Kayla Yarbrough

October 13, 202110:49 pm

I love trying new things with my son… and especially with chocolate. I LOVE the chocolate varieties! Wow I Can’t wait to try these with the sale! Thanks

Valeri R

October 13, 202110:32 pm

These look like awesome snacks! Will be trying the blueberry firstly!

Tiffany Bero

October 13, 202110:24 pm

Thanks for all you do!

Sadie B.

October 13, 202110:14 pm

I can't wait to try dark chocolate and sea salt.

Shawne Mazzei

October 13, 202109:58 pm

I am excited to try the dark chocolate blueberry flavor! Thank you!


October 13, 202109:56 pm

I love Undercover Snacks!!


October 13, 202109:49 pm

Glad I came across your blog! I'm so excited it's all about Kroger. Whoop whoop! Thank you! Also would be cool to get the Undercover Snacks! Thanks for opportunity!

Jane Regas

October 13, 202109:47 pm

Cannot wait to try and possibly win some.


October 13, 202109:40 pm

I had these once (was given as a gift) and been looking for them again they are so good.

Kim Dodds

October 13, 202109:39 pm

Thank you for the opportunity to win!


October 13, 202109:34 pm

Hi!! Can’t wait to try these undercover snacks :)

Monica Grau

October 13, 202109:19 pm

Im so excited to try the milk chocolate and blueberries :)

Shelley S Schultz

October 13, 202109:16 pm

Great giveaway. Thanks!

Nancy Blair

October 13, 202109:12 pm

I can’t wait to try the dark chocolate with sea salt

Venita Williams

October 13, 202109:12 pm

Cant wait to try Undercover!

Caroline B Sanders

October 13, 202109:06 pm

I love dark chocolate so that's what I would try first!

Delilah Martin

October 13, 202109:06 pm

I am most excited to try the milk chocolate.

Chris Oehlberg

October 13, 202109:05 pm

I think chocolate with blueberry would be my favorite!

Crystal Jackson

October 13, 202109:04 pm

Who doesn’t love free snacks. We’d be excited to try them !


October 13, 202109:00 pm

Can not wait to try them out! I love all things chocolate too!

Julie Woods

October 13, 202109:00 pm

Looking forward to trying both the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate with sea salt. It sounds like a nutritious and delicious snack. Thank you for the suggestion and trial opportunity. Sincerely, Julie Woods and family

Linda Heinz

October 13, 202108:55 pm

I love these snacks. I hope I am one of the 100 winners.

Risa west

October 13, 202108:53 pm

Thanks for the chance to possibly win these Undercover Snacks!

Lynn Gann

October 13, 202108:49 pm

I love me some chocolate and these look good ! I need a healthier snack than my usual too. Can't wait to try them !

Michelle Monroe

October 13, 202108:48 pm

Ohhhh the dark chocolate and blueberries one

Joy Chadwick

October 13, 202108:45 pm

I'm most excited to try the milk chocolate!! Awesome giveaway, thanks for the entries!!!

Kristen Eby

October 13, 202108:44 pm

Milk chocolate


October 13, 202108:42 pm

These sound amazing! I'm adding them to my next grocery trip!


October 13, 202108:42 pm

I prefer milk chocolate


October 13, 202108:41 pm

Snacks. Giveaways

Karen Corder

October 13, 202108:37 pm

These look good, cant wait to try some new snacks! Thank you.


October 13, 202108:37 pm

I'm most excited to try the Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt!


October 13, 202108:37 pm

Definitely need to try these


October 13, 202108:35 pm

I want to try them all but if I had to pick my first choice, it would be the dark chocolate and blueberry.

Wendy Forbes

October 13, 202108:35 pm

Milk Chocolate


October 13, 202108:35 pm

The dark chocolate and sea salt sound delicious!


October 13, 202108:35 pm

I love these. They are the perfect chocolate and crunchy snack.


October 13, 202108:34 pm

I’m looking forward to trying the dark chocolate and blueberry.

Cat J

October 13, 202108:33 pm

Dark chocolate!!!! I'm vegan so would love to try these!!!

Carly McNeil

October 13, 202107:45 pm

Yum! My family and I would love to try these snacks!

Jan H

October 13, 202107:14 pm

Looking forward to trying this healthy snack! Thanks!


October 13, 202106:53 pm

I'm excited to try the pumpkin spice and dark chocolate!!

Stephanie Mathews

October 13, 202106:47 pm

These look amazing! I am excited to try them!


October 13, 202105:57 pm

Can't wait to try these! Peppermint sounds yummy.


October 13, 202104:28 pm

Milk chocolate plus peppermint


October 13, 202103:39 pm

Dark chocolate + blueberry

Tami Faurote

October 13, 202102:52 pm

Dark Chocolate would be my first choice, but would love them all!

sun lutz

October 13, 202102:49 pm

I love these, so good!

Bruce Barker

October 13, 202102:36 pm

Dark chocolate


October 13, 202101:40 pm

These sound amazing! I would love to try.

Kim N.

October 13, 202101:39 pm

Dark chocolate is the best!!

Rachelle Simmons

October 13, 202101:35 pm

Dark chocolate blueberry sounds amazing!


October 13, 202101:29 pm

I love anything Dark Chocolate, so I'd love to try Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt.


October 13, 202101:15 pm

Thanks for all you do!

Kathy Owens

October 13, 202112:46 pm

Trying the powerball energy


October 13, 202112:39 pm

I love to try this !! Thank you


October 13, 202112:37 pm

I cant wait to try out dark chocolate and sea salt!!!


October 13, 202112:36 pm

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Michelle Domangue

October 13, 202112:36 pm

I love the dark chocolate undercovers!