I hope you've been to Kroger to grab a few of these canned good products including Swanson Broth, Campbell's Cream Soups and Gravy, Red Gold items, Hormel Chili and Lipton Recipe Secrets.  These prices are good so make sure you get there in the next week. The sale ends on 11/16 so you still have time.

Swanson Broth Kroger

Campbell's Gravy Kroger

Campbell's Cream Soup Kroger Krazy

Lipton Recipe Secrets Kroger

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November 10, 202103:24 pm

Locally, Lipton onion soup mix and Hormel chili are both more expensive than shown. Kroger brand soup mix is cheaper even after the name brand "sale". Kroger seems to be adding more products under store brands and increasing prices on national names to push budget conscious folks to their in-house labels


November 10, 202110:48 am

The stupid container crisis. This is always my favorite 2-week period each year at Kroger, and the deals are just not quite as awesome as they usually are. Disappointed to see the Campbell's cream soups aren't 49¢. Fortunately I still have some of the items left over from last year, and Meijer has their canned corn/green beans for 49¢ year-round.