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Linda F

November 20, 202107:10 pm

Comment. Working people don’t have time to get on their phones and get coupons on these deals just give them a break and just put a special price on the items and check out, !! and most seniors can not see to get on iphones and PC ‘s are not . tech savy to be able to get these savings .your offering. Everyone who are Kroger customers There time is money. So make the special savings available and easy as just checking out.


November 22, 202104:33 am

Hey Linda! Kroger Krazy is an independent website that is intended to help people find deals at Kroger. You may want to contact Kroger directly with your feedback. Kroger offers a site for comments (https://www.kroger.com/hc/help/contact-us/customer-comments) OR you can call them at 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-800-576-4377). Good luck!


November 21, 202102:46 pm

Maybe you could hire someone to clip coupons for you!