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November 26, 202108:34 pm

I’ve checked your page and clipped your coupon links for years, I know that’s how you get by helping all of us. The ads have even overwhelmed my new iphone 13 and I can’t hardly see anything you post anymore nor get to where the links take me. I know you have to use the ads in order to make a little bit of money for your work but it’s just too much. Good luck and thank you for all you’ve helped my family with.


November 29, 202103:48 pm

Jenni & Terrie I also agree..except I've been upset by it for a few yrs now. I have also commented about it yrs ago--instead of any improvement, it continued to get worse.

Terrie Smith

November 27, 202109:53 am

I agree Jenni I can't hardly stand it I too think I will give up trying thank you for all you do and the time you take to help