Kroger always has our backs! Not just for great savings but also delivering last minute items we need! Let’s combine the two! Last minute delivery AND savings!!!! So you’re working today, you’re prepping for all of your loved ones for Thanksgiving. What if you forgot butter? Or  you burnt the rolls (guilty!). Or Second Cousin once removed, Herbert wanted the canned Cranberry Sauce, not the homemade? Well, today ONLY, Kroger is going to get what we need to us in as little as 30 minutes with Delivery Now Service.  The best part?! We’re going to save $10 on a $20 order!  Just GO HERE and use the promo code TDAYRUSH10 to get that savings!

Also, before you place your order, sign up for RebatesMe!  You’ll earn cash back for your order and it’s so easy to do!!

Are you new to Kroger Delivery Now? Learn more HERE!!

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