Mrs Buttersworth Kroger Krazy

Here's a SUPER deal on Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup! She is not only in our Buy 5 or more, Save $1 each Kroger Mega Event for just $1.99 (already amazing!), but we also have a Kroger Digital Coupon to throw into the mix that will score us a couple bottles for ONLY $0.99! That's unheard of for this product, so get in on this one for sure!

Mrs. Butterworth's Kroger

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Carole L Noftz

December 2, 202111:22 am

I could not find $2.00 coupon in Kroger digitals for the Mrs Butterworths syrup. Went thru them all. Where is it hiding. Please respond. Thank you.

Vicki Sulpher

December 2, 202110:20 am

No coupon available, screwed again !

Pat Goff

December 2, 202109:29 am

My brother had it in his account. He lives with me.

Pat Goff

December 2, 202109:28 am

I didn't find it either.


December 2, 202106:39 am

Is the coupon in every state because I don’t have it.


December 2, 202106:25 am

Link to coupon doesn't work for me and it isn't in mine?


December 1, 202110:50 pm

I can't find the coupon either.


December 1, 202109:27 pm

Can’t find the coupon

Carole L Noftz

December 1, 202104:15 pm

Can't get coupon. Keep getting refresh. Any ideas?