It’s Time to Redeem Your 20% OFF Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus!

From December 9 – December 12 you can redeem your earned bonus to save BIG on Apparel & Home purchases including housewares, toys, decor and more! This is ON TOP of Kroger sale prices!! Your Savings Bonus has automatically been added to your Shopper’s Card. Maximum savings in store or with Kroger Pickup is $300! 


You can place an order through Kroger Pickup as well.  This was my haul from last year and it was a breeze!!

Bonus MUST BE redeemed in ONE transaction. You may use it on MULTIPLE items up to $300 (after all discounts). If you want to grab your MAXIMUM Savings, you can spend up to $1500.

If you earned 20% off – you can spend $1500

Kroger Holiday Savings Bonus email

NOTE: This bonus cannot be redeemed on GROCERY purchases. 

We don’t have details on EVERY single item that is eligible for this bonus, so let’s share our finds, and ask & answer questions to help everyone ROCK Kroger in the next 4 days!! Here’s what we know it’s working on so far:

  • Home Decor
  • Small Appliances (example: Crockpot, Instant Pot, Hand Mixers, Coffee Makers, Electric Wine Opener, etc.)
  • Cookware, Bakeware, Pots and Pans, Flatware, Pyrex
  • Toys and Games!
  • Apparel (including shoes)

As a reminder, you earned this bonus by shopping at Kroger between November 17 – November 30 and spending $200 or more.

Check the bottom of your receipt to see if you qualified. Spending total is cumulative of all your purchases during this period.

*Spending excludes: Electronics, DVDs, gift cards, mobile phones, fuel, alcohol, tobacco products, Pharmacy, Fred Meyer Jewelers, Fred Meyer Direct, services and items prohibited by law. Maximum savings is $300. Spending total is cumulative of all your purchases during this period.

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December 14, 202107:01 pm

I am just thankful that my Kroger store is still open. They are working with a skeleton crew. So hard to find good workers!! Hey Kroger Krazy Members...... Your local Kroger hires Moms and Dads!! Why not help out your local Kroger store. You can work 2 days a week and receive great pay! A great perk is the employee discounts on your shopping trips!!

Lisa Eisele

December 13, 202108:55 am

I used my on 12/9/2021 and it would not take off 20% off Christmas pet toys and they weren’t even on sale. So I did not buy them telling cashier I guess that is not considered “general merchandise”. It also would not work on some Christmas gifts either I tried to buy so I did not buy them. Next year you really need to be more specific in what “general merchandise” is because these items were not grocery or electronics or your other exclusions. This infuriates me and is false advertising. I could only buy one thing with my 20% off bonus and had put everything else back!


December 12, 202110:26 pm

I guess glassware isn't included as I bought a set of beverage glasses and also some Mason jars today and did not get the discount.


December 13, 202105:06 pm

OK, this promo is a big fat zero. Not even customer service knows how it works. I wrote to them asking them if the glasses and jars I bought should have been included and this is the response I got: 2:01 PM (3 hours ago) to me Dear Jackie, Thank you for contacting Kroger Customer Connect. We apologize for the delayed response due to the high volume of emails we are receiving. Thank you for your patience. I am sorry to learn that the discount did not applied to the glassware you purchased. We appreciate you bringing this to our attention. But unfortunately, the holiday bonus discount is only available for food grocery items. Thank you so much! Please feel free to reply to this email or call us at 1-800-576-4377 and reference case number 43252491 should you have further questions or concerns. We appreciate hearing from our valued customers and will assist in any way possible. Thank you for shopping with us and have a great day. Sincerely, Marjorie Kroger Customer Connect The Kroger Family of Stores


December 12, 202109:58 pm

What a joke - I shopped for Tide detergent as I figured it was classified as”General Merchandise” - all I got was $0.68 savings from napkins? Don’t bother with this with all the exclusions! Not happy here!


December 12, 202104:01 pm

Thanks! I never even heard of this promotion and I looked at my receipt and I have it.


December 11, 202101:22 pm

Does this apply to outdoor items? For instance a chimenia outside?


December 10, 202101:23 am

Are health and beauty items included? Wasn't the %off more in years past? I thought it was 40% one year.


December 9, 202109:36 pm

What will it say on the bottom of my receipt? I don’t see anything about a bonus!


December 9, 202108:18 pm

What a joke! It said what qualifies including “and more” with a list of what is excluded. Since food WASN’T excluded, I was expecting 20% off of most of my purchase. Well, food is excluded… just spent $118 at the store and got a whopping 48 cents on some wrapping paper…REALLY? A complete joke.

Dusty Anderson

December 9, 202101:04 pm

This doesn’t apply to food items?


December 9, 202111:58 am

I I don't have my last receip from Dillon's. How can I check to see IF I received a bonus.

Wendy kay Hardaway

December 9, 202110:39 am

thank you for this!!! I had no idea and just checked my receipt from yesterday and I did earn it!!! I had no idea...


December 9, 202110:26 am

does the 20% apply to Christmas/Holiday home decor?


December 9, 202109:54 am

I don't have my latest receipt. Can I go into my Kroger account and find out what my bonus is?

Donetta Bragg

December 9, 202105:07 pm



December 9, 202109:00 am

How do you know if you have anything on your card? Kroger is the only store I shop at


December 9, 202109:07 am

Lisa, it will say on the bottom of your latest receipts if you qualified.


December 12, 202109:32 pm

Katy, Did you notice that Kroger did away with the 30% and 40% Holiday Bonus Discount levels? Kind of a bummer. that 20% is the max now! Oh well. I still love Kroger and your newsletters!! Merry Christmas to all the Kroger Krazy members across the USA!! Merry Christmas Katy!!


December 12, 202109:34 pm

Katie, Sorry I spelled your name wrong. Got it right now!! Merry Christmas!!

Michele Wilson

December 9, 202108:40 am

I'm not for sure on how to do this. Sorry : needing help. Thank you.


December 9, 202109:07 am

Hi Michele, what specifically do you need help with?


December 9, 202112:00 pm

I don't have my last receipt, how can I find IF I have a bonus?


December 9, 202101:35 pm

If you go to the Kroger website and login to your account. click on your profile and it will say purchases. you can look up your receipt that way

Angela Cook

December 9, 202101:54 pm

I also got an email today