Ritz Crisp & Thins and Cheese Crispers have a GREAT Ibotta Rebate* AND Kroger Cash Back Offer* right now! Here's the deal! During our Kroger Mega Event, these items will be $1.99 (at first) THEN you'll submit for your rebates (one for each). The regular price on ONE is $3.89!! And we'll get TWO for $1.74!!!!! WHAT?! This is a fantastic deal! Don't worry, I have all of the details below! The Rebate may read a little odd but we can use it up to five times AND on any of the Ritz Crisp and Thins and the Ritz Cheese Crispers! The Kroger Cash Back* offer is a limit 1 though!! To make it easier on myself, I grabbed one of each and submitted for all of my rebates!! It's that easy! Grab some dips while you're there!!!!

*Kroger Cash Back, Fetch Rewards and Ibotta Rebate offers, values and expiration dates vary by account.

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January 11, 202205:19 pm

I’m missing how they are 87 cents each. $1.50 from ibotta 75 cents from cash back


December 31, 202109:06 am

Why advertise items for prices that have to have another app downloaded to get? NOT worth it.