Kroger Sample Box!! Get 5 Items for FREE!!

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This is so easy to do.  You’ll sign in with your Kroger account.  Once in you’ll choose up to FIVE items you’d like to get in your sample box.  All you do is click and press continue.

Add your address and your samples are on the way!!




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K Sil

January 18, 202202:23 pm

Box finally arrived today. Took it some weeks before it arrived. #KrogerSampleBox Thank you for the box: Fruity Pebble Crisps, Clif Duos Energy Bar w/ 7g of protein, Oreo Snack Pack, Pack of Taco Seasoning, and a pack of Water Wipes.

Jennifer Pack

December 21, 202109:28 am

Can’t wait to try

Lawrence Jackson

December 17, 202104:55 pm

132 Deeter Drive Apartment B Clayton, Ohio 45315

Sue Spence

December 11, 202112:19 am

I have been unable to set up the sample account. I accidentally entered wrong cell telephone number and can not edit the telephone number. Is anyone having problems with setting up this account?


December 10, 202106:45 am

No chance I am signing up with all the data they are collecting. Not worth it for a few samples I could get free later on anyway.

Penny Cothran

December 9, 202102:31 pm AFTER I gave them my cell # and permission to access my info, they tell me it's not available! So am I now going to be bombarded with emails and texts??


December 9, 202101:04 pm

I tried this morning and nothing and now I see others have got them after it says no more do not get it scam

Sue Spence

December 9, 202112:27 pm

I'm unable to sign in for the Kroger sample box. It says it sent me a verification code, but it went to the wrong telephone number and I can't figure out how to proceed to clear the telephone number where the verification code was sent. I did this last night and I get the same response today. Any ideas on what I can do? Thanks! Sue Spence


December 9, 202110:51 am

Thanks! Just got mine.

Marie Miller

December 9, 202110:20 am

After 20 min if fighting with it. They Say its not available.

Jay Adler

December 8, 202111:20 pm

Still worked for me at 11:20p.m. take a chance and fill out the form


December 8, 202108:05 pm

Must be repopulated. Claimed mine at 8 PM today.


December 8, 202106:37 pm

I just got mine even though it said all were gone.

Kristi S Morris

December 8, 202106:20 pm

Why advertise something if it's already gone or not available?

Bonnie Huizar

December 8, 202103:24 pm

It says free items have already been filled try back later

Missy Applegate

December 8, 202103:23 pm

We love shopping at JayC. That's where we do most of our shopping.

Lori Dummann

December 8, 202103:11 pm

They are all gone.