Suave Body Wash Kroger Krazy

We have a great $0.99 Kroger Mega Event price on Suave Body Wash for Men, Women and Kids! As if that's not already fantastic, we also have a $1.00/2 Suave Kroger Digital Coupon to use on either Men's or Women's making a couple of those JUST $0.49 each!

Suave Men Body Wash Kroger

Suave Body Wash Kroger

Suave Kids Kroger

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January 3, 202203:24 pm

Same problem here: had two $1 off 2 Suave DQs loaded; purchased 4 as part of 5 mega items. The 2 $1 DQs came off + only 3 $1 mega discounts. So coupons made no difference; would have simply received 5 $1 mega discounts without them.


December 29, 202106:03 pm

The digital coupon cannot be combined with the megasale, so it is not really $0.49 each. The megsale $1 off coupon only came off for 1, not 2 Suave items when I bought more than 5 megasale items.