Colgate Optic White Kroger Krazy

We have a BRAND NEW $2.00 Colgate Toothpaste coupon from our weekend Smart Source.  Do you know what this means?  FREE!! It's FREE.  Clip your coupon and head to Kroger to rock this deal with our Kroger Mega Event!!

I want to give a quick reminder that Kroger rings up deals differently within regions and some may get FREE Colgate Optic White and some may pay $0.99 (this should be for the $2 Kroger Digital ONLY).

For example:

  •  Kroger Region 1:  Colgate Optic White Toothpaste $2.99 (before mega savings)
    • Your $2.00 Kroger Digital will come off
    • Your $1.00 Kroger Mega Event savings will come off
    • One tube is free!
  •  Kroger Region 2:  Colgate Optic White or Total Toothpaste $2.99 (before mega savings)
    • Your $2.00 Kroger Digital will come off
    • Your $1.00 Kroger Mega Event savings will NOT come off
    • One tube is $0.99

Which way does YOUR store ring up your savings when the price of the item dips below the amount of your digital coupon?

Colgate Optic White Kroger

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January 5, 202203:18 am

i shop at Mariano's (a Kroger-owned chain) near Chicago. months ago, i got Scenario 1 with the Colgate toothpaste: the store and manufacturer savings combined to take the final cost to -$0.01. on 1/4/2022, i experienced Scenario 2: $0.99 final cost, but the cashier agreed to deduct the $1 manually. on that 1/4/22 visit, i also experienced the negative change with: - Carefree pantiliners ($2.99 sale before B5+S$1e, $3-off-2 manufacturer e-coupon). i bought 4, the coupon activated, but only 3 of 4 Mega Event Savings activated. - Suave body washes ($1.99 sale before B5+S$1e, $1-off-2 manufacturer e-coupon, $1-off-2 store e-coupon). i bought 2, both coupons activated, but neither Mega Event Savings activated. again, the cashier put through the $1 manually. the Carefree change must be quite recent, as i've done the stacking multiple times without issue. the issue with this product is also more obnoxious than the other 2, because the [b]$1.50 per item[/b] savings of the e-coupon is LESS than the post-mix-and-match $1.99. (iow, final cost should have been $0.49 each, not a negative number.) so the failure on the one item apparently stems from the whole $3.00 coupon being attached to it.

Cheryl griffith

January 4, 202209:20 am

Kroger Krazy , you deal with Kroger managers I assume PLEASE ask them why they don't teach their checkers the coupon language & why don't they have coupon language rules laminated & at each register. Although I've had a couple that I showed them what the language meant - I have it downloads on phone & I still could get in their head ! Thank you Cheryl Griffith Illinois


January 3, 202209:56 am

I live in AZ and the buy 5 save 5 didn't come off. I asked the cashier for a return since the deal wasn't working, they said that is coupon fraudulent. I ask how is it coupon fraudulent if I return everything back, they can't answer my question but told me they can't return. I went to different store to return, they gave me the $5 and apologize. Supper frustrated sometimes :) good luck with everyone? I hope it works for you guys!