We have a new printable coupon for the Klondike No Sugar Added Bars. If you'd like to pick some up now, you'll pay $2.99.  Want to wait for a sale?  Go ahead and print and save this for that to happen!

Ok, better news!!  Looks like there is a rebate for the Klondike Mini or No Sugar Added Bar.  You can get $3.00 back (up to five) off EACH package.  All details on how to submit is HERE but this looks pretty easy!

Thanks, Kris!!

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January 18, 202209:45 am

I just uploaded my receipt and have not received anything back yet. Does it normally take awhile, or is this not legit?


January 11, 202204:43 pm

Got stiffed on Klondike rebate. Bought 3, only got rebate for 1. Email address not valid. Klondike representative doesn’t know anything about this rebate


January 10, 202208:00 pm

I never receive a message after entering my number?


January 12, 202203:26 pm

Did you get the rebate?


January 4, 202212:24 pm

Klondike just announced a $3 rebate offer - here is the link (https://likeshop.me/klondikebar/media/22135241). I haven't tried it yet. However, it appears that the rebate is via venmo or PayPal and can be redeemed up to 5 times.