Alright people! It's our time to get what our laundry needs met! I'm talking about these amazing deals on Tide PODS and Liquid Laundry Detergent… the biggins'!!!! These are regularly $21.99, but we have a Buy 2, Save $10 instantly at checkout promo AND a couple of coupons worth a HUGE $3.00!!!!! Check out ALL of the great details below on this!!!

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January 14, 202204:35 pm

I am double checking the math. If you pay $33.98, how is the cost 11.99 each? They have already discounted it by $10.00 when you pay. I show that they are 16.99 each. Am I missing something?


January 18, 202208:09 am

Regay, we are using coupons as well.


January 14, 202207:33 pm

$20 each x 2 =40 - $10 = 30 - 2 coupons at $3 each = $24 divided by 2 = $12